College of Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

The academic programs in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees in civil engineering and environmental engineering.

The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering has been accredited by ABET, Inc. (and its predecessors) since 1936, and the undergraduate program in Environmental Engineering has been accredited by ABET, Inc. since 2011. Our BS graduates and graduate students are well prepared to obtain professional engineering licensure.

We also offer MS and PhD degrees in both civil engineering and environmental engineering. The MS program covers the essential advanced elements of the professions and prepares graduates for professional practice or continued study. It typically requires 2 years of study, with options for all coursework, a project, or a thesis. The PhD program focuses on research, and typically involves at least 3 years of study beyond the MS.  

We pride ourselves in preparing our undergraduates to be highly competitive in both the engineering marketplace and graduate programs in engineering or other fields. Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide a good mix of the theoretical and applied topics, and this is a direct result of our faculty being educated at the best universities in the country and having significant levels of experience in consulting with public agencies, and in industry.

In addition to the formal curriculum, we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities, including student chapters of professional organizations, undergraduate research opportunities, education abroad opportunities, internships and co-operative engineering education placements.