Honors & Entrepreneurship

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Honors Option... Students who are in Section 2 or 3 of EGR 393 may elect to take an Honors Option.

Per the Honors College requirements, an Honors Option is more extensive or more advanced work than is required of all students in a regular course. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project. In EGR 393 the Honors Options activities and assignments will be in addition to the regular coursework. Regular coursework currently consists of a series of mini-assignments of discussion questions, case studies, and a final project/paper.

The Honors Option activities will include a choice of one of the following:
• A research paper that identifies one of the ABET outcomes, the significance of this outcome for the academic preparation of a professional engineer, and the method by which the student feels they have achieved this outcome.
• Assist a professor with a statistical analysis of outcomes for engineering students in EGR 393 vs students not in EGR 393.
• An in-depth analysis and report of one technical aspect of the work experience.
• Design a method to create interest among middle or high school students in their field of engineering and/or the specific industry which they worked. • Implement an educational program to introduce engineering as a profession to students in middle or high school.
• Student initiated project/concept that is pre-approved by faculty member.

All students in EGR 393 completing the honors option will be required to complete an Honors Option Agreement (http://honorscollege.msu.edu/honors-college/sites/default/files/content/h- o_agreement.pdf).


Entrepreneurship and Innovation... Students who are in Section 2 or 3 of EGR 393 may elect to take an Entrepreneurship Option 

An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiences Option (E and I) is a project consisting of independent and original work that builds on the content of a course in which a student is enrolled but extends the experience of that course beyond the typical scope and content. E and I Experiences Options allow undergraduates the opportunity to add entrepreneurial content to courses already in the student’s program, thus providing a flexible alternative for those interested in exploring entrepreneurial ideas beyond the normal course requirements.  EGR 393 has been approved for this option. These options must be approved by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program.