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is primarily a traditional, alternating period of work assignments in an engineering function. 


       35% of students                       Coop Map                300 Co-op Placements per year


The co-op semesters enable students to thoughtfully work out a “working lifestyle” that can include continued learning, sensitivity to professionalism and professional ethics, and a habit of thoughtfully assessing current events. Because every co-op site and assignment is different, each student will have a unique experience that is not possible to characterize in detail (i.e. it is not possible to list topics that will be covered in the same way that is possible for lecture/lab courses). Students will gain the topical coverage required for them to perform in the industry into which they are working. Many students do gain significant design experience, however it will be different for each student and since it will be delivered by a co-op employer, difficult for the faculty to oversee. The opportunity to engage in the full complexity of an engineering work environment is the “value added” part that can only be provided by the work environment.



EGR 393 – Cooperative Engineering Education A course designed for the exploration and validation of engineering work experience outside of the classroom. The college of engineering has had this program for over 40 years, nationally co-op has been in existence for over 100 years. Find more infrmation about the course HERE.  



Interested in learning more about the co-op program at MSU? Want to hire MSU students? Contact:

Kyle Liechty 
Co-op / Intern Coordinator
(517) 432-6572