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Welcome to the Boehlert Research Group

Materials Science and Engineering Professor Dr. Carl Boehlert's research group studies the Physical Metallurgy of pure metals, alloys, and metal matrix composites for biomedical, structural, functional, and other applications.

Our group is currently concentrating on understanding the deformation behavior of hexagonal close-packed metals, in particular titanium and magnesium alloys, under extreme environments. The environments include a combination of both elevated temperatures and irradiation, and a variety of loading conditions are being used to mimic components used in commercial applications.  In-situ testing methods have been developed which allow for characterizing the evolution of surface features during deformation in order to understand the deformation mechanisms.  Boehlert’s group also researches severe plastic deformation processing effects on nanostructured zinc-magnesium hybrids targeted for biomedical absorbable implant applications, where the zinc-magnesium components are intended to degrade safely in the body after completing their function.

Opportunities: Our group always encourages other research groups and industries to reach out to us with collaboration ideas. Our facilities are available to researchers from across campus and from outside the MSU community. We are also enthusiastic to solve the challenges faced by the manufacturing industries within the arena of materials science and physical metallurgy.

Students are encouraged to apply to the M.S. and Ph.D. program in Materials Science and Engineering at MSU. Faculty advisors are not assigned until the students arrive on campus. Every student accepted into the Ph.D. program will be provided financial aid in the form of a research or teaching assistantship, or a fellowship. While it is not necessary to contact faculty prior to admission, we will be happy to answer any research-related questions.
Current MSU undergraduate students interested to gain hands-on research experience in Materials Science and Engineering as volunteer researchers are also encouraged to contact us.