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Photo of Mark Worden in his lab

Faculty from multiple MSU colleges participate in the BME Graduate Program, including co-teaching courses and co-advising BME graduate students. These faculty members have joint appointments in BME and their home departments. BME aims to engage faculty across departments, colleges, and disciplines to explore the intersection of medicine, human biology, and engineering research, design, and practice. Departments from across all areas of the College of Engineering work to develop new methods for understanding, diagnosing, and treating medical conditions and translating discoveries from the laboratory to the classroom and the clinic. Biomedical research and resources of the College of Engineering are enhanced by collaborations with many other MSU Colleges, including Human Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Natural Science, and Communication Arts and Sciences. 

Additionally, faculty in all College of Engineering departments conduct research suitable for thesis and dissertation research toward a graduate degree in BME.