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Name / TitleEmailPhoneDegree ProgramsView Profile
Sudin Bhattacharya Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacology & Toxicology 517-884-6952 View Profile
Kari Ceo-Grulke Unit HR Coordinator 517-884-6983 View Profile
Nisachon Chaiwang Department Technician 517-884-6982 View Profile
Margaret Conner Graduate Secretary (517) 884-6976 View Profile
Christopher H. Contag Hannah Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology & Molecular Genetics; Chair, Biomedical Engineering; Director, Institute for Quantitative Health Science & Engineering 517-884-6933 View Profile
Assaf Gilad Professor 517-884-7468 View Profile
Masako Harada Assistant Professor 517-884-6940 Biomedical Engineering View Profile
Heather Hazzard Business Manager (517) 884-6979 View Profile
Xuefei Huang Professor 517-353-1076 View Profile
Nicole Hurst Accountant 517-884-6962 View Profile
Brenda Lippincott Executive Assistant 517-884-6978 View Profile
Tomoko Marumo Visiting Scholar-Fixed Term View Profile
Galit Pelled Professor 517-884-7464 Biomedical Engineering View Profile
Meredith Prince Research Administrator I 517-884-6981 View Profile
Erin Purcell Assistant Professor 517-432-8137 View Profile
Zhen Qiu Assistant Professor 517-884-6942 View Profile
Dana Spence Professor (517)-353-1116 View Profile
Jonathan Wakeman Research Administration 517-353-3813 View Profile
Robert Worden Professor (517) 353-9015 Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering View Profile
Tim Yearling Information Technology Director 517-355-4093 View Profile
Kurt Zinn Professor 517-884-8802 Biomedical Engineering View Profile