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New Member

August 2019

Sandra Hernández-Escobar has joined our group as a summer volunteer. She will experience laboratory experience in the field of bioactive glass nan
oparticles and their interaction with biological entities. 
Welcome Sandra!



Mid-SURE Poster Meeting

July 2019

Kayla presented her first research poster in title 'A Comparison of the Physical Properties of Different Concentrations of Silver-doped Bioactive Glass Coated on Metal Substrates' to conclude the summer internship at the EnSURE Program. 
Well done Kayla!


July 2019

Natalia's first peer-review article in title 'Resurreccion of Antibiotics that Methicillin-Resistant Sthaphylococcys aureus Resists by Silver-Doped Bioactvie Glass-Ceramic Microparticles' is now published in Acta Biomaterialia. Check it out by following this link and don't forget to share it with your peers. 
Congratulations Natalia!


June 2019

The Biomaterials Lab team knows how important it is to bring the youngest minds in STEM and so, we contribute in outreach programs and summer camps across campus. This week, Natalia assited Dr. Per Askeland in Grandparents university in the use of different microscopy techniques. 


June 2019

Adam's first peer-review article in title 'Fabrication and multiscaled characterization of 3D silver containing bioactive glass-ceramic scaffolds' is now available online. Check it out by following this link and don't forget to share it with your peers. 
Congratulations Adam!


May 2019

Our team attended the first Chemistry and Biology of Human Pathogen Symposium at MSU. Researchers from across university shared their latest research discoveries and collaborations with industry and university partners. 
Natalia presented a poster on 'Resurrection of antibiotics that MRSA resists by silver-doped bioactive glass'.

ChEMS Research Forum 2019

May 2019

Dr. Chatzistavrou was a key note speaker in the ChEMS department annual Research Forum where she gave a talk in title  'Multifunctional glass-ceramic biomaterials: An effective tool combating bacterial resistance'.
Natalia and Adam presented research posters focuses on the development of bioactive glass-ceramic nanoparticles and 3D scaffolds, respectively.
XC at chems forum 2019NPC at chems forumAM at chems forum 2019    

Student news

May 2019

Natalia Pajares passed her Comprehensive Exams and she is now one step closer to graduation.
Well done, Natalia!

Member graduating

May 2019

Senior undergraduate research assitant, Logan Soule, graduates among the top of his class from Chemical Engineering  with a concentration in Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering. Starting in Fall 2019, Logan will be a Ph.D student in the department of Biomedical Engineering at MSU.

SFB Meeting 2019 at Seattle

April 2019

Dr. Chatzistavrou, Adam Marsh and Logan Soule attended Society for Biomaterials 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Seattle to share their work.
Adam presented a poster in title Fabrication and Multiscale Structure of Silver-doped Bioactive Glass-Ceramic Scaffolds  

Logan presented a poster on his work on Addressing the Challenges of Bioactive and Antibacterial Thin Film Formation Using the Spin Coating Technique.

SFB 2019