Peer-Reviewed Extension Bulletins

B.D Reinhart, J.R. Frankenberger, E. Ghane, C.H. Hay, J.T. McMaine, L.J. Abendroth. 2022. Tools to Inform and Transform Drainage. Purdue University Extension ABE-164 (In Press)

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E. Ghane. 2022 revised. Blind Inlet. MSU Extension Bulletin E3454

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E. Ghane. 2022 revised. Mole Drains. MSU Extension Bulletin E3452

E. Ghane. 2022 revised. Why do Subsurface Drainage Systems Underperform? MSU Extension Bulletin E3451

E. Ghane. 2022 revised. Drain Spacing Tool. MSU Extension Bulletin E3450

E. Ghane. 2022 revised. Agricultural Drainage. MSU Extension Bulletin E3370


Online Extension News Articles

  • MSU Extension News article. Tips for improving the water-quality performance of conservation drainage practices. October 10, 2022. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Is water quality a trade-off for the benefits of no-till? April 20, 2022. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Contributors to increased phosphorus loss in drainage water and possible solutions. April 20, 2022. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Mole drains: A cheap alternative to subsurface tile drainage. March 17, 2022. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Tips for improving the performance of your drainage system. March 3, 2022. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Maximize profit with the new Drain Spacing Tool. June 29, 2021. (Link)

  • MSU Extension News article. Phosphorus loss in subsurface drainage and workshop. June 5, 2018. (Link)

  • Co-authored article in North Central Region Water Network. Edge-of-Field Research Focuses on Controlled Drainage and Saturated Buffers for Reducing Nutrient Runoff. April 2018. (Link)

  • Co-authored article in MSU Extension News. Controlled drainage: Conserving nutrients and improving bottom lines. April 18, 2018. (Link)

  • Michigan Soybean News Magazine. Tile drainage drains excess water, not nutrients. March 2018. (Link)


Drainage contractors logoMagazine News Featuring Ehsan Ghane

  1. It's All About Style: How the right pipe properties can create more efficient drainage? May 2022. (Link)
  2. Mind the Gap, Please: A New Tool from Michigan State University will help contractors determine optimal tile spacing. May 2021. (Link)
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Podcast Episode

  • MSU Extension Field Crops. In the Weeds: No More Nutrients Down the Drain. December 13, 2022. (Link)