2022 Drainage Design Workshop



Based on the survey immediately after the 2022 Drainage Design Workshop, 14 out of 20 respondents (70%) said that they plan on changing their operation because of the workshop. In addition, 17 respondents said that they expect to gain an average $16/ac increased income because of the workshop.


Quotes from ONE-year follow-up Survey

"It helped me better size outlets and spacing, saved me time with summer tile installation and gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing on my farm."

"Gave me a better understanding of tiling and how a tile system works, made it easier to talk with producers about it or understand what they are saying when they are talking about tiling etc."

"I can certainly see the landscape better and talk about drainage more intelligently than I could before taking the course."

"Assisting landowners improve their drainage in a residential setting."

"It has helped me evaluate fields for planting. I do hay and I need to understand the wet areas."

"Helped me make the choice of tiling myself or sub-contracting."


Workshop flyer and agenda

flyer and Agenda

2022 Workshop 1


2022 Workshop 2


2022 Workshop 3


2022 Workshop 4


2022 Workshop 5