Biosystems Engineering: Meeting the needs of humankind, sustainably

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Combining biology with engineering, biosystems engineers work in critical areas such as bioenergy, food safety, ecosystems protection, and human health.

Biosystems engineering integrates biology with engineering principles to address complex issues in areas such as bioenergy, ecosystems protection, food safety and biosecurity, and human health.  Biosystems engineers are responsible for designing resourceful solutions to technical problems involving biological components.  For example, they design systems to transform biological waste products from ecological hazards to bio-based; energy solutions.  They also design sensors and processes to detect and/or eliminate human pathogens from food products. Potential employers include food processing companies, pharmaceutical/health companies, environmental consulting firms, bioenergy companies, and government agencies.

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      3) MSU Biosystems Acadmic Advising 

      John Denny
      Michigan State University
      524 S. Shaw Lane
      103B Farrall Hall & G62 Wilson
      East Lansing, MI 48824

      (517) 432-1355


      4) How do we provide the necessities of life, and more, for a growing population, without degrading our natural world? Biological Engineers are leading the way in innovative solutions.