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BAE Undergraduate Programs

BAE offers a Bachelor of Science degree program through the College of Engineering, Biosystems Engineering (BE), an undergraduate minor through the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Technology Systems Management (TSM) and a certificate program through the Institute of Agricultural Technology, Electrical Technology (ET).

BE Major (BS, Biosystems Engineering)

The current program can be found on the registrar's site at  http://reg.msu.edu/AcademicPrograms/ProgramDetail.aspx?Program=2445.

Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org/

ABET logo - Engineering Accreditation Commission

The BE program objectives and outcomes can be found at https://www.egr.msu.edu/bae/objectives-outcomes. College of Engineering program and enrollment data for Biosystems Engineering can be found at http://www.egr.msu.edu/undergraduate/data.

See what the College of Engineering and Biosystems Engineering has to offer by coming to campus.

Engineering Preview Day.
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Engineering summer programs for pre-college youth.
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TSM Minor

The current program can be found on the registrar's site at http://reg.msu.edu/AcademicPrograms/ProgramDetail.aspx?Program=5395.

ET Certificate

The current program can be found on the registrar's site at http://reg.msu.edu/AcademicPrograms/Text.aspx?Section=114#s1446.

BAE students have many unique opportunities to engage in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including professional organizations, undergraduate research, industry internships, and education abroad. Our graduates have high placement rates. Scholarships are available to students on a competitive basis.