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Environment: Sustainable ecosystems and resource conservation

Sustainable Ecosystems Faculty

Active Research Projects:

Evaluating drainage water management in the River Raisin Watershed (Ghane, E.)

Right Sizing Tomorrow's Water Systems for Efficiency, Sustainability, and Public Health (Nejadhashemi, P.)

Saginaw River Sedimentation Study: SWAT modeling in the Saginaw River Watershed (Nejadhashemi, P.)

Global Center for Food Systems Innovation (Nejadhashemi, P.)

Improving Irrigation Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Michigan using Remote Sensing Tech-niques (Nejadhashemi, P.)

Evolutionary Optimization of Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification (Nejadhashemi, P.)

Coupled anaerobic digester: wetland system for dairy waste and storm water treatment with biogas production. (Reinhold, D.)

Wetlands for wastewater treatment and green manure production. (Michigan Animal Agricultural Initiative Coalition)

Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center, Private Foundation (Safferman, S.)

Educational Collaborative on Sustainable Environmental and Agricultural Management, USDA Higher Education Challenge Program (Safferman, S.)

Strategies to Optimize Spray Irrigation by Monitoring the Soil Environment, MI Department of Agriculture (Safferman, S.)

Comprehensive Small-Farm Manure Runoff and Milking Parlor Wastewater Management, Michigan Milk Producers Association (Safferman, S.)

Bark Filter Mound Treatment Technology to Treat Milking Facility Waste Water, Animal Agriculture Initiative (Safferman, S.)

Animal Agricultural Runoff Control using Intensive Management and Treatment Channels, Animal Initiative Coalition (Safferman, S.)

Treatment of Food Processor's Wastewater in a Centralized Digester: Feasibility Determination, Project GREEEN (Safferman, S.)

Treatment of Agricultural Runoff Using Filter Strip, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (Safferman, S.)

Physical/Chemical Phosphorous Removal from Onsite Generated Wastewater and Agricultural Manure, MetaMateria Partners (Safferman, S.)

Sustainable Ecosystems

Water Quality/Quantity Modeling

Environmental impact of livestock systems

Sustainable Agroecosystems

Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Applied Agricultural Systems Modeling

Water Use – Agricultural Irrigation