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Energy: Bioenergy and bioproduct solutions

Bioenergy and Bioproducts Foci Faculty

Active Research Projects:

Biobased Energy Educational Material Exchange System (BEEMS). (Liao, W.)

Improving energy efficiency and generating high-value co-products from an integrated small-scale animal manure management system. (Liao, W.; Liu, Y.; Safferman, S.)

Developing a biological process to treat feedstock for cellulosic ethanol biorefining. (Liao, W.; Liu, Y.)

Bio-oil tan reduction by selection amongst native warm-season grasses to promote biomass densification by pyrolysis. (Saffron, C.)

Woody biomass conversion to value-added chemicals using fast pyrolysis and catalysis. (Saffron, C.)

Transforming and densifying biomass in regional biomass processing centers (RBPC). (Saffron, C.)

Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center, Private Foundation (Safferman, S.)

Treatment of Food Processor's Wastewater in a Centralized Digester: Feasibility Determination, Project GREEEN (Safferman, S.)

Waste Biomass Inventory to Support Renewable Energy Development, MI Department of Labor and Economic Growth (Safferman, S.)

Waste Biomass Anaerobic Digestion Biogas Potential in Support of Renewable Energy Development, MI Department of Labor and Economic Growth (Safferman, S.)

Fractionation of Alkaline Pulping Liquors for Fuel and Chemical Production (Hodge, D.)

Aqueous Enzyme-Assisted Corn Oil Extraction to Increase Co-Product Value from Corn Ethanol Dry Grind Mills (Hodge, D.)

MSU Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC)

Decision Support Systems

Bioenergy and bioproducts

Solar-bio-nano-based organic waste utilization system

Solar-biopower generation for rural Central America

Solar-bio powered lignocellulosic biodiesel refining concept

Energy conservation and efficiency