Steve Marquie

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Steve Marquie

524 S. Shaw Lane
126 Farrall Hall
East Lansing, MI 4882


Steve Marquie started working as a project manager and instrumentation 1991 for Agricultural Engineering at Purdue University after an 11-year career in the commercial electronics industry. His interest in technology for monitoring the environment brought him to Biosystems Engineering at Michigan State University in 1996, providing support to faculty research projects. In 1998, Steve designed the BAE applied instrumentation laboratory and assisted faculty in classroom instruction and applied laboratory experience. From 1998 through present, he continues to assist in the development of classroom teaching material for instrumentation and technology specially focused on our student’s needs. In 2013, he completed a degree in Technology Management to expand the knowledge base of students in project and engineering management.

Additional appointment is to the MSU Enviroweather Program. Steve has served as the field operations manager since 2001. The responsibilities include training and supervision, technology design and project management.

Teaching Activities:

Steve assists in BE230, BE334, BE385, BE815 and functions as an advisor to Senior Design.

For the past two years, Steve Marquie received the Honors College award to co-teach a course with Dr. Steven Safferman.

B.S., Technical Management, DeVry University, 2013