Steven I. Safferman, Ph.D., P.E.

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Steven Safferman

Dr. Safferman has research, teaching, and extension appointments.  His research entails evaluating and/or developing wastewater treatment systems, waste to resource technologies, decision support models, and practices to retain nutrients in soil to maximize beneficial plant uptake.  He teaches the Department’s first technical course on basic engineering analysis of biological systems and an advanced water resource recovery class, jointly with the Department of Environmental Engineering.  He also teaches interdisciplinary sustainability classes in the Honors College.  His extension program entails, in part, facilitating an online professional continuing education onsite wastewater class and team teaching in the Extension Water School program.

PhD, Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati
MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati
BS, Civil Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Current and Recent Funded Research Topics

  • New Energy Development using Blended Feedstocks in Anaerobic Digesters:  Decision Support Tools
  • Fate and Transport of Phosphorus Applied to Agricultural Land
  • Phosphorus Recovery from Waste Streams Using Engineered Media
  • Wastewater Treatment using a Constructed Cold Weather Wetland
  • Land Application of Wastewater

Selected, Recent Major Manuscripts

  • Safferman, S.I.; Smith, J.; Dong, Y.; Saffron, C.M.; Wallace, J.M.; Binkley, D.; Thomas, M.R.; Miller, S.A.; Bissel, E.; Booth, E.; Lentz, J. 2017. Resource Recovery from waste:  benefits and complexity. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 143(11).
  • Dong1, Y., Safferman, S. I., Ostahowski, J. T., Panter, H. R. 2017. Enzyme Pretreatment of Fats, Oil, and Grease from Restaurant Waste to Prolong Drain Field Effectiveness.  Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 52(1)55-63.
  • Campbell, E. L.; Safferman, S. I. 2015.  Design Criteria for the Treatment of Milking Facility Wastewater in a Cold Weather Vertical Flow Wetland. Transaction of the ASABE, 58(6)1509-1519.
  • Julien, R.; Safferman, S.I. 2015. Evaluation of Food Processing Wastewater Loading Characteristics on Metal Mobilization within the Soil. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 50(14)1411-1416.
  • Wallace, J. M.; Safferman, S. I. 2014.  Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors and the Influence of Space Velocity and Biomass Concentration on Methane Production for Liquid Dairy Manure. Biomass and Bioenergy, 66(2014)143-150.
  • Binkley, D.; Harsh, S.; Wolf, C. A.; Safferman, S.; Kirk, D. 2013. Electricity Purchase Agreement and Distributed Energy Polices for Anaerobic Digesters. Energy Policy, 53(2013)341-352.