Steve Miller

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Steve Miller
Research Interest: 
Environment: Environment and Water
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524 S. Shaw Lane
218 Farrall Hall
East Lansing, MI 4882


Steve is an Extension Irrigation Specialist focusing on improving water management for water quantity and quality protection addressing issues such as irrigation scheduling, irrigation system uniformity, groundwater recharge and producer compliance with state water use legislation. Mr. Miler spent 30 years with the MiDNR and MiDEQ in various roles including State Hydrologist, Staff Engineer for the development of the Michigan Water Resources Management Action Plan, and in the Executive Office of the MiDNR. He joined the MSU in 2002 and has taught class in irrigation, was an instructor for the Senior Design for BAE and has worked on a number of waste to energy projects. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.

B.A. (Agricultural Engineering), Michigan State University, 1970
M.S. (Civil Engineering), Michigan State University, 1980