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Dr. Yan Liu, an associate professor in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department at Michigan State University (MSU), is leading an active research program on biological conversion of agricultural residues into bioenergy/chemical products. Dr. Liu has PhD degrees in Food Science and Biosystems Engineering. Her expertise is in the following areas: biological conversion of agricultural residues to value-added products and energy; high density microorganism fermentation, animal waste conversion to renewable energy and other bioproducts; Fungal and algal cultivation to produce high value products such as biofuel, enzymes and pharmaceuticals, as well as strain screening, development and application.

Ph.D., Biological Systems Engineering, December 2005, Washington State University, USA. Dissertation Title: Co-production of lactic acid and chitin using a pelletized filamentous Rhizopus oryzae culture from cull potatoes
Ph.D., Food Science, July 2000, Ocean University of China, China. Dissertation Title: Studies on the chemistry of alginate oligoglycuronates degraded by enzyme and the enzymology of alginate lyases
M.S., Food Science, December 1996, Wuxi University of Light Industry, China. Thesis Title: Production of protein-rich malt extract from malt and barley using enzymatic hydrolysis method
B.S., Food Engineering, July 1994, Shandong Institute of Light Industry, China.

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