Jade Mitchell

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Jade Mitchell

Research Interests

  • Risk assessment: chemical and microbial stressors from diverse environmental exposures including bioterrorism and food safety
  • Quantitative analysis: decision analysis, Bayesian statistics, and systems analysis
  • Modeling: Dose-response and exposure modeling including both exogenous and endogenous fate
  • Risk management and environmental policy: benefit-cost analysis, risk perception and communication
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Drexel University, 2010, Dissertation: “Using Analytic Models for Risk-Based Responses to Pathogenic Agents in the Environment”
M.S. Civil Engineering, Drexel University, 2007, Thesis: “Performance of Polypropylene: Geosynthetic Filters Under Pressurized Hydraulic Flow Conditions: Headloss and Iron Oxide Coating Retention"
B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh,1997; Certificate in Environmental Engineering

U.S. EPA Pathfinder Innovation Project – “The Systems Reality Modeling Project Part 1: Chemical Inventory”, 2011

U.S. EPA “S” Award – Special Accomplishment Recognition Award for excellence and leadership in developing innovative research in the area of exposure screening and prioritization of chemicals, 2011

Drexel University Research Award, 2010

Drexel University Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, Graduate Student Research Award, 2009


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