Daniel E. Guyer

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Daniel Guyer

Dr. Guyer’s professional field spans basic and applied research in: Postharvest handling, grading, value-added process development and processing, and storage of fruits, vegetables, and chestnuts; Development of technology and sensors for nondestructive assessment of quality of specialty crops in the domains of machine vision, spectroscopy, computed tomography, image processing, and pattern recognition; Specialty crop automation.

BS, Agricultural Engineering - Michigan State University, 1982
MS, Agricultural Engineering - Purdue University, 1984. Thesis Title: Computer Vision and Image Processing for Plant Identification
PhD, Agricultural Engineering - Purdue University, 1988. Thesis Title: Application of Machine Vision to Human Shape Analysis Techniques in Leaf and Plant Identification: An Intelligent Vision Structure
  •  ASAE paper award, 1987, for Computer Vision and Image Processing for Plant Identification.
  •  ASAE Educational Aids Competition Blue Ribbon Award, 1994, for Video on Packinghouse operations.
  • USDA-Secretary of Agriculture - Group Honor Award for Excellence – for contributions to CSREES multi-state research group NE-179 related to increasing the efficiency, security, sustainability and profitability of the fruit and vegetable industry through applications of the technologies developed.
  • ASAE – IET Division – IET Select Paper Award, 2003, for “Integrating reflectance and fluorescence imaging for apple disorder classification”.

(selected over career)

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