Ehsan Ghane, PhD

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Research Interest: 
Environment: Agricultural Drainage and Water Quality
Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist

524 S. Shaw Lane
206 Farrall Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824


I have research and extension interests in the areas of water quality and agricultural drainage. My Extension goal is to provide education to stakeholders to address their needs and issues. I provide education to diverse stakeholders, including producers, drainage contractors, crop advisors, conservation ​professionals, and agency personnel. I translate my applied research into educational Extension products. My drainage Extension website hosts those educational products.

My research goal is to increase the performance and profitability of subsurface drainage systems, and reduce their harmful water-quality impact. I am interested in innovative practices that reduce nutrient loss to surface water and conserve water for crop production. Some of these practices are controlled drainage, saturated buffer, and drainage water recycling. I am also interested in modeling of agricultural water management systems at the field scale. I value diversity and interdisciplinary research in advancing the agricultural engineering field and accelerating scientific discovery in the drainage community.

Ph.D. 2014. Ohio State University. Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering
M.Sc. 2008. Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Agricultural Engineering-Irrigation & Drainage
B.Sc. 2005. Isfahan University of Technology, Iran. Agricultural Engineering-Irrigation & Drainage
Selected Publications: 
  • M.S.B. Shokrana, E. Ghane, Z. Qi. 2023. Calibration and validation of RZWQM2-P model to simulate phosphorus loss in clay loam soil in Michigan. Journal of the ASABE. 66, 1-12.

  • E. Ghane, Y. AbdalAal, B. Dialameh, and M. Ghane. 2022. Knitted-sock geotextile envelopes increase drain inflow in subsurface drainage systems. Agricultural Water Management. 274, 107939.

  • E. Ghane. 2022. Choice of pipe material influences drain spacing and system cost in subsurface drainage design. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 38, 685-695.

  • B. Dialameh and E. Ghane. 2022. Effect of water sampling strategies on the uncertainty of phosphorus load estimation in subsurface drainage discharge. Journal of Environmental Quality. 51, 377-388.

  • M.S.B. Shokrana and E. Ghane. 2021. An empirical V-notch weir equation and standard procedure to accurately estimate drainage discharge. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 37, 1097-1105.

  • E. Ghane and M.H. Askar. 2021. Predicting the effect of drain depth on profitability and hydrology of subsurface drainage systems across the eastern USA. Agricultural Water Management. 258, 107072.

  • E. Ghane, M.H. Askar, and R.W. Skaggs. 2021. Design drainage rates to optimize crop production for subsurface-drained fields. Agricultural Water Management. 257, 107045.

  • M.S.B. Shokrana and E. Ghane. 2020. Measurement of soil water characteristic curve using HYPROP2. MethodsX. 7, 100840.