Danielle Bellmer - 2017 BAE Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

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2017 Alumni Honors

Danielle Bellmer - 2017 BAE Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Dr. Danielle Bellmer (BS, Food Engineering, 1992) was awarded the Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Dr. Danielle (Dani) Bellmer is a native of northern Michigan who completed her B.S. degree in Food Engineering from MSU in 1992. She then received a USDA Fellowship for graduate study at Purdue University and completed a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering in 1996.  In 1997, she joined the faculty at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department and the newly developed Food and Agricultural Products Research Center.

Professor Bellmer’s research efforts have covered a diverse range of topics, including both food and biofuels. In the area of value-added food processing, she has worked on development of new processes and products such as “Peanut Butter Slices.” Her biofuels research has involved conversion of lignocellulosic materials to fuels, with a specific focus on the use of sweet sorghum as a feedstock. A founding member of the Sweet Sorghum Ethanol Association, she represented the U.S. in a global summit sponsored by the United Nations involving biofuels. She received the 2003 Halliburton Outstanding Young Faculty Award in the College of Engineering at OSU.

Dr. Bellmer is highly engaged in the OSU teaching program.  She has taught courses involving food and bioprocessing, microbial applications in engineering, food rheology, and introductory biosystems engineering courses. She serves as the advising coordinator, chairs the scholarship and curriculum committees, and mentored more than 20 graduate students. She truly enjoys interaction with students, and was named the 2016 OSU Student Organization Advisor of the Year.