Brad Borgman - 2018 College of Engineering BAE Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

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Brad Borgman - 2018 College of Engineering BAE Distinguished Alumni Award


Brad Borgman - 2018 College of Engineering BAE Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Brad Borgman, BS ’79, Agricultural Engineering, was awarded the 2018 College of Engineering BAE Distinguished Alumni Award.

Brad Borgman is the Vice President of Engineering for the TWT Group, where he leads the design and development of numerous rides and attractions for the theme park industry.  He holds a BSAE in Agricultural Engineering from Michigan State University.  Prior to working in the theme park industry, Brad was Chief Engineer of R&D for Sunkist, receiving 4 patents for his work developing a robotic packing machine as well as optically inspecting fruit by color, size and defects.

After graduating from MSU in 1979, Brad became a project engineer for Ford’s Tractor division in Troy, Michigan where he focused on testing and instrumenting their Tractor development.  His interest in Electrical Engineering brought him back to MSU where he was soon recruited to join Sunkist in California.  Brad was instrumental in expanding their business internationally and travelled to Israel, Sicily, Spain, England and Morocco. Brad received special merit recognition from the Chairman of the Board of Sunkist for his patents and the resulting growth of their market.

After 7 years at Sunkist, Brad joined Walt Disney Imagineering in 1988, and began his journey developing thrill rides and attractions for theme parks around the world. At Disney, first as a Ride Engineer, Brad was responsible for directing the analysis, design, full-scale prototype and final production of a new generation ride vehicle for the Indiana Jones attraction.  Later, as Principal Ride Systems Engineer, Brad led teams of engineers designing and fabricating rides for Disney attractions around the world.

Brad started his own international consulting business in 1995 and has expanded his work on rides for multiple clients such as Universal Studios, Disney Imagineering, DreamWorks, Sony and Warner Bros.  In addition, Brad has diversified into special engineering projects for Apple Retail flagship stores, attractions on cruise ships, and specialty museum projects, including the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, (MSI), and the NASA Kennedy Space Center.

Brad lives in Seattle and enjoys unicycling, hiking, biking and international adventures with his wife, Sue.  They have 2 happy dogs that enjoy their agility training and swimming in Lake Washington.

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