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Chelsie Boodoo received the Graduate Student Award for Science Communication and Outreach, which recognizes the exemplary translation and communication of ideas, issues, findings, and advances in the sciences
Larry Walker, Ph.D., will receive the inaugural 2023 CANR Dean's Pinnacle of Excellence Award during ANR Week.
Keith Tinsey will receive the 2023 CANR Alumni Service Award during ANR Week.
Scott Piggott
Michigan Farm Bureau CEO Scott Piggott will receive the 2023 CANR Distinguished Service Award during ANR Week.
The Food and Health Engineering Laboratory evaluated the nutritional quality of ultra-processed foods. With the goal of providing more data to give guidance to increase nutritional quality in the future.
Evangelyn Alocilja
Michigan State University researchers Evangelyn Alocilja, Andrea Case, James Fairweather, William Lovis and Shin-Han Shiu were recognized Jan. 31 as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS.
Carlos Marino
BAE assistant professor Carlos Marino is utilizing open-source technology to improve supply chain traceability
Yuzhen Lu
BAE assistant professor Yuzhun Lu uses image sensing technology of improving specialty crop production
Jiyoon Yi
MSU assistant professor sees opportunity to improve food processing and control systems and make food safer.
Daniel Uyeh
Daniel Uyeh wants to continue to develop smart solutions to combat challenges from climate change.
Daniel Morris
BAE associate professor, Daniel Morris, PhD, uses Smart Agriculture to improve quality of life in the animal agriculture industry as well as improving crop production
Bahar Aliakbarian works to reduce by-product waste in supply chains using a holistic approach
Jon Althouse, Ajit Srivastava, and Truman Surbrook
Three BAE Professors were recognized at the 2022 Annual Academic Service Recognition Reception
The BAE End of Semester BBQ was a success!
Pilot Digestor
BAE Professor Dana Kirk works with dairy producers to establish waste management systems and break down barriers to access for farms of all sizes
Photo of Narendra Das
Associate Professor Narendra N. Das of BAE and CEE departments has been selected as a Science Team (ST) member of the prestigious NISAR mission of NASA.
Ehsan Ghane receives Award
Ehsan Ghane is the recipient of the MSU Extension Innovative Technology Award for his innovative technologies in educational programming, which has resulted in a positive response from stakeholders.
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Brenden Kelley’s project focuses on improving irrigation efficiency and disease management with low-cost sensor technology and scheduling methods. They utilize LOCOMOS (Low-Cost Sensor Monitoring System), developed by the research grou
Bringing ecology, microbiology, engineering and economics together
Photo of Helen Miller
BAE Graduate Student Helen Miller combines her two passions of engineering and people to develop a decision making tool for farmers. This tool will help farmers determine if converting to soler energy is a sustainable choice for them. 
Photo of Oznur Caliskan-Aydogan
BAE Graduate Student Oznur Caliskan-Aydogan has worked to design and develop a rapid and cost-effective assay to detect antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in the food supply chain.
Ph.D. candidate Ian Hildebrandt has taken on the challenge of taking research from the lab scale to industry.
BAE Fall 2022 Seminar Series
BAE is honored to host the following presenters for our recurring seminar series, which aims to represent the diverse and interdisciplinary interests of the department. Each seminar is 20 45 min followed by 10 15 min of Q&A.
BE Student Savana Bellows talks about how the BE program at MSU prepared her for the internship opportunity at POET.