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Photo of Narendra Das
Associate Professor Narendra N. Das of BAE and CEE departments has been selected as a Science Team (ST) member of the prestigious NISAR mission of NASA.
Ehsan Ghane receives Award
Ehsan Ghane is the recipient of the MSU Extension Innovative Technology Award for his innovative technologies in educational programming, which has resulted in a positive response from stakeholders.
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Brenden Kelley’s project focuses on improving irrigation efficiency and disease management with low-cost sensor technology and scheduling methods. They utilize LOCOMOS (Low-Cost Sensor Monitoring System), developed by the research grou
Bringing ecology, microbiology, engineering and economics together
Photo of Helen Miller
BAE Graduate Student Helen Miller combines her two passions of engineering and people to develop a decision making tool for farmers. This tool will help farmers determine if converting to soler energy is a sustainable choice for them. 
Photo of Oznur Caliskan-Aydogan
BAE Graduate Student Oznur Caliskan-Aydogan has worked to design and develop a rapid and cost-effective assay to detect antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in the food supply chain.
Ph.D. candidate Ian Hildebrandt has taken on the challenge of taking research from the lab scale to industry.
BAE Fall 2022 Seminar Series
BAE is honored to host the following presenters for our recurring seminar series, which aims to represent the diverse and interdisciplinary interests of the department. Each seminar is 20 45 min followed by 10 15 min of Q&A.
BE Student Savana Bellows talks about how the BE program at MSU prepared her for the internship opportunity at POET.
Andrew Kearney stands in front of his research poster while someone looks at it
Andrew Kearney studied the survival of Salmonella on chocolate coated dried nuts and fruits.
The Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Interdisciplinary Vehicle (QMRA IV) provides education on QMRA and impacts on topics such as SARS-CoV-2 and Monkeypox
Ghane is kneeling on the floor by the computers where students sit
MSU Extension Specialist, Ehsan Ghane, hosts a drainage workshop
Bradley Marks, Ehsan Ghane, Tim Harrigan
The Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) at Michigan State University (MSU) has multiple recognitions from the ASABE in 2022. 
Summer 2022 Newsletter
Check out the latest news and updates from the BAE Department!
Dr. Kirk Dolan and Jason Hofman at the Food Processing & Innovation Center
BAE Professor Dr. Kirk Dolan leads effort to modernize the Better Process Control School for Manufactures
GARD Symposium 2022 Winners
Over the course of 30 hours, 13 main sessions and 59 sub sessions took place. The event welcomed over 1,000 attendees!
Steven Safferman and Chris Saffron
BAE Associate Professors Dr. Steven Safferman and Dr. Chris Saffron join partners WM, NEFCO, City of Detroit, and GLWA to find a long-term solution to use biosolids residual materials
Evangelyn Alocilja
Evangelyn Alocilja, a world-renowned expert in rapid diagnostics for infectious disease, is developing the test to be used at poultry operations and processing facilities to inspect large samples.
Emma Dester
Emma Dester completed a degree in Biosystems Engineering as part of her pre-med requirement
Dr. Dana Kirk
From the Anerobic Digester Research Center to Environmental Permit Review Commissions, Dr. Dana Kirk shares his expertise throughout Michigan
Peter Jansen
Sixteen exceptional undergraduate and graduate students and alumni from MSU were selected for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. BE alumni Peter Jansen is one recipient.
2022 Biosystems Engineering students
Congratulations to all graduates!
Hybrid BE Showcase April 28, 2022 @ 3 pm 116 Farrall or
Hybrid BE Showcase - April 28, 2022
Spring 2022 Newsletter - March 2022