BE Admission Requirements

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Admission to the BE Master of Science (MS) Program

To be admitted to the MS program in Biosystems Engineering, an applicant must have:

  • A grade-point average greater than 3.00 for the final two years of the undergraduate program, or standing in the upper quarter of the graduating class in the student's major.
  • A bachelor's degree, either:
    • from an accredited program in engineering, or
    • from a related science-oriented program in which the applicant has shown very high academic achievement, as certified by the department. Also, applicants should have completed the mathematics requirement (calculus through partial differential equations) as well as the equivalent of thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, and bioprocessing that are required for a bachelor's degree in biosystems engineering.

Admission to the BE Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

To be admitted to the PhD program in Biosystems Engineering, an applicant should have a master's degree:

  • Have either a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or a master's degree in engineering, or
  • Demonstrate evidence of ability and resolution to complete a doctoral program in engineering, as attested by the department upon review of the applicant's academic record, test scores, experience, reference statements, professional qualifications, proposed studies, and other relevant information.  Some engineering collateral courses may be required as part of a conditional admit for strong applicants not meeting Core Biosystems Engineering competence.

Admission to the doctoral program without a master's degree, or the equivalent thereof, requires special approval by the department.