Juan Sebastian Hernandez Suarez

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Current Standing: 
Last Degree: 
MS Hydraulic Resources, 2015, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Curriculum Vitae: 
Academic Background: 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s degree in water resources engineering. I have research experience in water resources modeling, including hydrology, hydrodynamics, river hydraulics, and surface-water quality. In addition, I have work experience with Colombian government agencies in water resources management and environmental flows determination. In 2016, I received a Fulbright scholarship, which currently supports my doctoral studies in Biosystems Engineering.

Current Research Interests / Thesis Topic: 

Evolutionary multi-objective optimization and uncertainty quantification applications in ecohydrology.

Publications / Journal Articles: 
  • Hernandez-Suarez, J. S., Nejadhashemi, A. P., Kropp, I. M., Abouali, M., Zhang, Z., & Deb, K. (2018). Evaluation of the impacts of hydrologic model calibration methods on predictability of ecologically-relevant hydrologic indices. Journal of hydrology, 564, 758-772.
  • Hernandez-Suarez, J. S. & Nejadhashemi, A. P. (2018). A review of macroinvertebrate- and fish- based stream health modelling techniques. Ecohydrology, 11(8), e2022.
  • Herman, M. R., Nejadhashemi, A. P., Abouali, M., Hernandez-Suarez, J. S., Daneshvar, F., Zhang, Z., & Sharifi, A. (2018). Evaluating the role of evapotranspiration remote sensing data in improving hydrological modeling predictability. Journal of Hydrology, 556, 39-49.
  • Rojas-Downing, M. M., Nejadhashemi, A. P., Elahi, B., Cassida, K. A., Daneshvar, F., Hernandez-Suarez, J. S., ... & Harrigan, T. (2018). Food Footprint as a Measure of Sustainability for Grazing Dairy Farms. Environmental management, 62(6), 1073-1088.
  • Outstanding Graduate Student – Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Michigan State University. 2019
  • Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP) network fellowship 2018 - Michigan State University
  • Merle and Catherine Esmay Scholarship 2017 and 2018. Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
  • Fulbright and Colombian Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation Scholarship 2016
  • Master’s Thesis with “Outstanding” distinction awarded by the Academic Council – Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2015