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Current Standing: 
Last Degree: 
Bachelor’s of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (Expected May 2019)
Curriculum Vitae: 
Academic Background: 

I studied Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University from 2015-2019. During my undergraduate years at MSU, I conducted research focusing on waste-to-resource (WTR) technologies in ecological/ecosystems engineering. Some more specific topics I worked on were with phosphorus adsorption, food processing wastewater, anaerobic digestion, and brining. I’m very passionate about this field because a major goal of mine is to develop accessible and sustainable WTR technologies to provide clean water and energy globally, focusing on developing countries.

I had the privilege to conduct research abroad at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) over Summer 2018. As a research group, we worked and lived alongside the indigenous people residing in the village of Shuabb for 5 days. We repaired and constructed new water filters, worked on an anaerobic digester, maintained current water tanks that streamlined mountain rainwater to their community, and installed Solar panels for the village to store power for later use. For the rest of the summer, I looked at phytoremediation of a aquaponics system using water hyacinth.

Current Research Interests / Thesis Topic: 

Waste-to-Resource Technology within Ecosystems/Ecological Engineering and Wastewater Engineering

Biography (Personal Interest): 

When I am not in school or working on research, I enjoy playing the violin and piano. I also play soccer and I go skiing in Utah in the winter and spring of every year. I knit and crochet hats, scarves, dishcloths, and more! I also enjoy playing PC games such as Terraria and Minecraft. I speak some Russian and Spanish since I took them as foreign languages in High School. I enjoy being with my family, playing board and card games, camping, hiking, and exploring different cities. I have 3 younger siblings, one cat, 8 birds, and a chinchilla. I also take large amounts of tea bags from the MSU cafeterias.


College of Engineering Graduate Student Fellows Fall 2018 - Present

A.W. Farrall Scholarship Recipient (Spring 2018)

MWEA Jack H. Wagner Scholarship Recipient (Spring 2018)

Michigan Potato Industry Commission Scholarship Recipient (Spring 2018)

Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows Program (Fall 2018-Present)

National Science Foundation-IRES Costa Rica Participant (Summer 2018