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BE Showcase goes virtual!

Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

A Virtual BE Showcase

April 23, 2020


Presented by
Faculty and Students in the Biosystems Engineering Program
College of Engineering
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Michigan State University


Program www.egr.msu.edu/bae/SS20NewsBEShowcase

Virtual Zoom Meeting (Industry Advisory Board, Industry Evaluators, and Project Sponsors Only)

                  2:00 pm - Individual Senior Design Team Evaluations

Virtual Zoom Webinar msu.zoom.us/j/764405813 (Open to all – no registration required)

Senior Design Team Presentations (10 minutes each)

3:00 pm - Baby Snack Pack - Nestlé Nutrition (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Development of Manufacturing Model for Popped Snacks

                 Allyson Gower, Ricci Lopez, Emma McDonald, & Nama Naseem

3:10 pm - Team Techmark - Techmark, Inc. - Potato Storage Ventilation Analysis

                 Amanda George, Sean Pelfery, Caroline Schuetz, & Christopher Wells

3:20 pm - Team Trident - Trident Biometrics (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Operational Analysis of Trident Biometrics’ Drug Testing Process

                 Natalie Coaster, Scott Lyon, & Courteney Roberts

3:30 pm - Food ACCELs - Food, Agriculture, Research, and Manufacturing Business Incubator - Determining Equipment and Utility Recommendations for a Food Business Accelerator

                 Rachelle Crow, Meredith Freeby, Erin Keller, & Alexandrea Peake

3:40 pm Break

3:45 pm - Team PawPaw - Treeborn - Pawpaw Fruit Skin Removal Improvement

                 Jessica Mehall, Rachel Paulson, Taylor Pelland, & Brandon Wilsdon

3:55 pm - Team AIM - Dr. Nirajan Bhusal - Tuberculosis Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence

                 Anna Carmody, Alysa Gonzalez, Daniel Millar, & Tyler VanBuren

4:05 pm - Team Tillamook - Tillamook Creamery (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Ice Cream Inclusion Analysis and Process Optimization

                 Stephanie Gardner, Esha Jain, & Alicia Ziegler

4:15 pm - Sensible Energy Solutions - Perrigo (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - HVAC Energy Efficiency at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

                 Mario Aliaj, Emily Peruski, Aryn Thomas, & Matthew Wholihan

4:25 pm Break

4:30 pm - Phantom - Stryker (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Simulation of Thermal Energy Transfer through Neurological Tissue during Electrosurgery

                 Leah Allen, Peter Jansen, Rosemary Laurito, & Scott Piper

4:40 pm - WasteWatchers - Large Food Manufacturer (project under Non-Disclosure Agreement) - Wastewater Optimization for Cost Efficiency

                 Keegan Mackin, Devin Martin, Jillian Meade, & Sydney Shellhouse

4:50 pm - Blake's By-product Bash - Blake’s Hard Cider Co. - Blake’s Hard Cider Apple Pomace Utilization and Optimization

                 Meghan Donovan, Taylor Quillan, Anna Raschke, & Jacob Wright

5:00 pm - Acknowledgements and Wrap up (Dr. Darrell Donahue, BAE Department Chair)

Virtual BE 230 Poster Session (Open to all – no registration required)

      5:15 pm -  BE 230 Virtual Poster Session www.egr.msu.edu/bae/SS20NewsBE230PosterShowcase


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Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 3:00pm to 5:15pm
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