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Electrical TechnologyElectrical Technology Apprenticeship Programs

As of September 1, 2010, the State of Michigan requires all registered electrical apprentices be enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program.  Since 1970, Michigan State University has provided an approved Electrical Apprenticeship training program.  MSU has two options to meet the needs of Electrical Apprentices under the State Michigan as well as the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training requirements.

Option 1: Campus Based Training

This apprenticeship program has been offered by MSU for over 50 years.  On-campus apprentices are taught electrical codes, technical problem solving and extensive hands-on skills.  The program is fifteen months in length and begins at the end of August.  Trainees attend on-campus classes from the end of August to March, with a period of placement training from March to August.  During the placement training portion of the program, trainees are engaged in a closely-supervised internship in which they are employed by an electrical contractor.  Trainees complete the formal training on-campus from August to December.  This is an academic based program where a person can earn a certificate from MSU.

Option 2: 100% Online Training  

The online education program provides the necessary theoretical, technical knowledge, and Code needed to become a licensed journey person.  This program is specifically designed for the apprentice electrician who is currently working under the supervision of a licensed electrician.  The material is taught in tandem with electrical skills training being provided by a licensed electrician.  All classes are 100% online to be flexible with each apprentice’s schedule with no commuting expenses.