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Email Phone Number Address Room Number
Photo of Evangelyn Alocilja Evangelyn Alocilja, PhD
Health, Food, and Environment: Nanobiosensors
alocilja@msu.edu 517-355-0083 524 S. Shaw Lane 213
Jonathan Althouse Jonathan Althouse
Energy: Efficiency and Conservation
althous2@egr.msu.edu 517-353-4896 524 S. Shaw Lane 114
Profile Picture of Manal Askar Manal Askar
Research Associate
maskar@msu.edu 524 S. Shaw Lane 223
Photo of Dr. Narendra Das Narendra N. Das
Associate Professor
Hydrology and Remote Sensing
dasnaren@msu.edu 524 S. Shaw Lane
Kirk Dolan Kirk Dolan, PhD
Food: Value-Added Processing: Statistical and Computational Methods
dolank@msu.edu 517-353-3333 469 Wilson Road 135B
Photo of Dr. Younsuk Dong Younsuk Dong, PhD
Agricultural Irrigation; Real-Time Sensor Monitoring System
dongyoun@msu.edu 524 S. Shaw Lane 218
Photo of Dr. Ghane Ehsan Ghane, PhD
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Environment: Agricultural Drainage
ghane@msu.edu 517-353-4458 524 S. Shaw Lane 220
Aluel Go Aluel Go
Outreach Specialist
Energy: Energy Efficiency, Applied Research, Renewable Energy and Energy Policy.
goaluel@egr.msu.edu 517-353-0643 524 S. Shaw Lane 120A
Daniel Guyer Daniel E. Guyer, PhD
Food: Postharvest Engineering and Mechanical Vision
guyer@egr.msu.edu 517-353-4517 524 S. Shaw Lane 211
Photo of Dr. Timothy Harrigan Timothy Harrigan, PhD
Associate Professor
Environment: Precision Agriculture; Environmental Impacts
harriga1@msu.edu 517-353-0767 524 S. Shaw Lane 209
Philip Hill Philip Hill
hillphi1@msu.edu 517-353-4507 524 S. Shaw Lane 113
Photo of Dr. Jeong Sanghyup Jeong, PhD, PE
Assistant Professor
Food: Food Safety Engineering
jeongsa1@egr.msu.edu 517-432-3463 524 S. Shaw Lane 222
Dana Kirk Dana Kirk, PhD, PE
Associate Professor
Energy and Environment: Bioenergy
kirkdana@msu.edu 517-432-6530 4090 College Road
Wei Liao Wei Liao, PhD, PE
Energy: Organic Wastes Utilization and Bioenergy
liaow@msu.edu 517-432-7205 524 S. Shaw Lane 202
Photo of Dr. Liu Yan Liu, PhD
Associate Professor
Energy: Bioenergy/ Bioproducts
liuyan6@msu.edu 517-432-7387 524 S. Shaw Lane 203
Bradley Marks Bradley Marks, PhD, PE
Professor and Chair
Food: Food Safety Engineering
marksbp@msu.edu 517-432-7703 524 S. Shaw Lane 210
Photo of Dr. Medina-Meza Ilce Medina Meza, PhD
Assistant Professor
Health and Food: Health Engineering
ilce@msu.edu 517-884-1971 / Lab Phone: 517-355-4068 469 Wilson Road 302C
Jade Mitchell Jade Mitchell, PhD
Associate Professor
Health, Environment and Food: Human Health Risk Analysis: Water, Food, and Environmental Stressors
jade@msu.edu 517-353-4544 524 S. Shaw Lane 206
Pouyan Nejadhashemi Pouyan Nejadhashemi, PhD
University Foundation Professor
Environment: Water, Energy and Food Nexus; Computational Ecohydrology
pouyan@msu.edu 517-432-7653 524 S. Shaw Lane 225
Luke Reese Luke Reese, PhD
Associate Professor
Environment: Technology Systems
reesel@msu.edu 517-353-3258 524 S. Shaw Lane 103C
Dawn Reinhold Dawn Reinhold, PhD
Associate Professor
Environment: Ecological Engineering
reinho17@msu.edu 517-432-7732 524 S. Shaw Lane 205
Joan Rose Joan Rose, PhD
Homer Nowlin Chair In Water Research
rosejo@msu.edu 517-432-4412 480 Wilson Road -
Steven Safferman Steven I. Safferman, PhD, PE
Associate Professor
Environment and Energy: Conversion of Waste to Resources; Water Resource Recovery
steves@msu.edu 517-432-0812 524 S. Shaw Lane 212
Christopher Saffron Christopher M. Saffron, PhD
Associate Professor
Energy: Thermochemical Conversion
saffronc@msu.edu 517-432-7414 524 S. Shaw Lane 204
Ajit Srivastava Ajit Srivastava, PhD, PE
Energy, Food, Environment: Machinery Systems Engineering
srivasta@egr.msu.edu 517-432-4826 524 S. Shaw Lane 120B
Truman Surbrook Truman Surbrook, PhD
Professor; Managing Director, Michigan Agricultural Energy Council
surbrook@egr.msu.edu 517-353-4896 524 S. Shaw Lane 120A
Photo of Dr. Uludag-Demirer Sibel Uludag-Demirer
Specialist - Research-Fixed Term
Wastewater Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology
demirers@msu.edu 524 S. Shaw Lane 207