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Analytical Services Brief Description Cost (per sample)
Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP)

BMP of a sample is measured in a batch reactor containing the anaerobic assay prepared mainly by inoculum, sample, and water. The BMP value of a sample is reported in volume of methane produced normalized with respect to the volatile solids from sample at STP and dry conditions.

Anaerobic Toxicity Assay (ATA)

ATA is a screening test to determine the potential toxicity of substances, mixture of substances, chemicals, and additives by the volume of biogas produced. The duration of ATA test vary based on the tested materials ranging from 3-20 days. The ATA test reports the EC50, half maximum effective concentration of the material tested.

Residual Methane Potential (RPM)

RPM is measured to determine the stability of the digestate under anaerobic conditions to understand the performance of an operating digester, measure the carbon emissions from the digestate stored or land applied. The RPM value of a digestate is reported as the volume of biogas, carbon dioxide, and methane normalized to the volatile solids from the digestate.

Bench-scale AD reactors The experimental set-up of bench scale AD reactors can be operated in semi-continuous and continuous modes to collect preliminary data for full scale AD reactor design. The test can be used to optimize hydraulic retention time (HRT), organic loading rate for maximum methane production and volatile solids removal. This experimental study can be employed to test the compatibility potential co-substrates, to understand the start-up period performance in the digesters, and to observe acclimation to a new additive(s).
Case Basis
Pilot-scale AD reactors 300 L pilot scale reactors are available to test anaerobic digestion of different feedstocks. Case Basis
Joint-project development ADREC can serve as a partner in the projects as it brings in scientific experience and wide research network in the bioenergy field, techno-economic analaysis and life cycle assessment. Case Basis

Total, Dissolved, and Volatile Solids

Standard Method 2540: Gravimetric 

Total and Volatile Suspended Solids

Standard Method 2540d: Gravimetric 


Standard Method 4500-H+

Electrical Conductivity 

Standard Method 2510 Conductivity

Volatile Fatty Acids (Bulk)

Standard Method 5560A

Volatile Fatty Acids (C2-C7)

Standard Method 5560D


Standard Method 2320

Sulfide (dissolved)

Standard Method 4500-S2-

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Standard Method 5220

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Standard Method 5310

Biochemical Oyegen Demand (BOD)

Standard Method 5210D: Respirometric 

Total Nitrogen 

Standard Method 4500NC

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen 

Standard Method 4500 N org

Ammonia Nitrogen 

Standard Method 4500 NO3/NO2

Nitrate Nitrogen

Standard Method 4500 NH3

Total Phosphorus

Standard Method 4500 P

Microbial Community Analysis

16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) sequencing in the classification and identification of bacteria and archaea in anaerobic digester and digestate samples.




Consulting Services Brief Description Cost
Techno-economic analysis The technological and economical feasibility of anaerobic digester in design stage or in operation is carried out to optimize the AD operation for renewable biogas and revenue production. Case Basis
Life cycle assessment Environmental assessment of anaerobic digester is carried out within the framework of LCA including the greenhouse gas emissions reduction, nutrient recovery and water reclamation. Case Basis


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Sibel Uludag-Demirer, Ph.D.
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Michigan State University
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