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Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC)


The MSU Anaerobic Digestion Research and Education Center (ADREC) was established in 2008. The mission of the MSU ADREC is to create a platform for multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and multi-national collaborations that will lead to the development of sustainable waste-to-resource solutions, and address current and future waste management issues. The specific objectives are to: 1) develop novel waste-to-resource concepts that are capable to convert the wastes into value-added products, 2) educate the next generation of engineers and scientists on waste management design and practice, 3) fulfill commercialization and technology transfer of waste-to-resource concepts, and 3) provide waste-to-energy related services to private sectors, government agencies, and the general public.

The ADREC has the capacity to carry out research and development projects from small bench scale to large demonstration scale. The center has a full range of digesters (from 1 L lab-scale semi-continuous digesters, 300 L pilot-scale upflow fixed-film reactors, to 2,000 m3 demonstration continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) digester), a pilot-scale water recovery facility (a treatment capacity of 4 m3/day), and algal cultivation facilities (10 L to 1,000 L photobioreactors) for CO2 capture and utilization. Based on these facilities, the ADREC is collaborating with other universities, federal agencies, private companies, and international collaborators to develop and implement a wide variety of technologies in the nation and around the world. The goals of these research and development efforts are to increase revenues for both agricultural and municipal operations, reduce the environmental impact of waste streams, raise awareness of sustainable approaches for waste management, and benefit community development.


ADREC Contact Information

4090 Building G College Rd. 
Lansing, MI 48910
Phone: 517.353.3741