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BE Description of Courses


Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Course Title Fall Spring Summer
BE 101 Introduction to Biosystems Engineering X    
BE 201 Drafting in Biosystems Engineering X    
BE 230 Engineering Analysis of Biological Systems   X  
BE 332 Engineering Properties of Biological Materials X    
BE 334 Biosystems Engineering Laboratory Practice (W) X    
BE 350 Heat and Mass Transfer in Biosystems   X  
BE 351 Thermodynamics for Biological Engineering X    
BE 360 Microbial Systems Engineering   X  
BE 385 Engineering Design and Optimization for Biological Systems   X  
BE / GEO 402 Agricultural Climatology X-even    
BE / ANS 418 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning X    
BE / FW 419 Applications of Geographic Info. Systems to Nat. Res. Mgt.   X  
BE / FSC 429 Fundamentals of Food Engineering   X  
BE / FW / PLB / ZOL 443 Restoration Ecology   X  
BE / BME 444 Biosensors for Medical Diagnostics   X  
BE 449 Human Health Risk Analysis for Engineering Controls X    
BE / CSUS / CSS / FOR / FW 452 Watershed Concepts X X X
BE 456 Electric Power and Control   X  
BE / FOR 457 Bioenergy Feedstock Systems Analysis X    
BE / HRT / ANS / CSS 461 Seminar in Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology   X  
BE / CSS / FOR 467 BioEnergy Feedstock Production X    
BE / ChE 468 Biomass Conversion Engineering X    
BE / ChE 469 Sustainable Bioenergy Systems   X  
BE 475 International Studies in Biosystems Engineering X X X
BE / FSC 477 Food Engineering: Fluids X    
BE 478 Food Engineering: Solids   X  
BE 481 Water Resources Systems Analysis and Modeling X    
BE 482 Engineering Ecological Treatment Systems X    
BE 484 Water Resource Recovery Engineering   X  
BE 485 Biosystems Design Techniques (W) X    
BE 487 Biosystems Design Project   X  
BE 490 Independent Study X X X
BE 491 Special Topics in Biosystems Engineering X X X


Graduate Courses

Number Course Title Fall Spring Summer
BE 815 Experimentation and Instrumentation in Biosystems Engineering   X  
BE 820 Research Methods in Biosystems Engineering X    
BE 835 Modeling Methods in Biosystems Engineering X    
BE 844 Biosensor Principles and Applications   X  
BE 849 Quantitative Human Health Risk Modeling and Analysis for Microbial Stressors X-even    
BE 869 Life Cycle Assessment for Bioenergy and Bioproduct Systems                                                X  
BE 881 Ecohydrology X-odd    
BE 882 Advanced Topics in Ecological Engineering X    
BE 890 Special Problems X X X
BE 891 Advanced Topics in Biosystems Engineering X X X
BE 892 Biosystems Engineering Seminar   X  
BE 899 Master's Thesis Research X X X
BE 999 Doctoral Dissertation Research X X X