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Photo of Graduates at May 2016 Undergraduate Engineering Commencement

Graduates at May 2016 Undergraduate Engineering Commencement


2016 Biosystems Engineering Bachelor of Science Graduates

Bailey, Benjamin David
Baxter, Alexis Ann
Boucher, Joshua Wilson
Bricco, Alexander Robert
Brown, Andrew Brady
Brunsman, Anna Marie
Brunsman, Kyle Justin Keolani
Buchholz, Sarah Elizabeth
Buckner, Larry James
Cloonan, Brendan Joseph
Commane, Joseph Patrick
Conklin, Michael William
Crosset, Paige Kathryn
Ebeling, Austin Robert
Everett, John Freeman
Guyer, Kyle Daniel
Ikeda, Natsuki
Isaguirre, Christine Nicole
Mulik, Michal Stanislaw
Munro, Robert William
Niedermaier, Nicholas Carvill
Olson, David Glenn
Peterson, Shane Ryan
Petros, Jason David
Preston, Sydney Paige
Proctor, Aubrey Anne
Sobczak, Nathan Michael
Stephan, Jack Henry
Strange, Lauren Lindsay
Thelen, Jacqueline Therese
Thomas, Charlotte Ann
Van Keulen, Jacob Hunter
Walker, Christopher J.
Wilson, Stephen Young-Jin
Wissler, Austin Dane

FS 2015 - FS 2016 Biosystems Engineering MS & PhD Graduates

Semester / Name


Major Professor

Thesis Title

Fall 2015

Michael Zanotti


Wei Liao

Development of a Sustainable Lignocellulosic Biodiesel Refinery

Rui Chen


Wei Liao

A Closed-Loop Biorefining System to Convert Organic Residues into Fuels

Spring 2016

John Stephen Budaj


Steven Safferman

Use of Reverse Osmosis to Recover Water from a Nutrient Separation System for Dairy Manure Management

Summer 2016

Richard Li


Renfu Lu

Development of a Structured Illumination Reflectance Imaging System for Enhanced Detection of Subsurface and Surface Defects in Apple Fruit

Elaheh Esfahanian


Pouyan Nejadhashemi

Development of a Meteorological, Agricultural, Stream Health, and Hydrological (mash) Comprehensive Drought Index

Zhiguo Liu


Yan Liu

Systems Approach of Agricultural Residue Utilization for Value-Added Chemical Production

Fall 2016

Pouyan Hatami Bahman Beiglou


Jade Mitchell

Applicability of Data Driven Methods for Assessing Compliance of Wastewater Treatment Plants Self-Reported Datasets

Kaitlyn Eileen Casulli


Bradley Marks

Improving Pathogen-Reduction Validation methods for Pistachio Processing

Mauricio Bustamante


Wei Liao

Developing a Solar-Bio Hybrid Energy Generation System for Self-Sustainable Wastewater Treatment