Shanker Balasubramaniam - 2014 William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award

From MSU Today, February 4, 2014

Shanker Balasubramaniam Shanker Balasubramaniam received the 2014 William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award

Shanker Balasubramaniam is recognized internationally for his innovative scholarship in computational electromagnetics. He has developed numerous algorithms for solving both differential and integral equations across multiple scales, with applications in such diverse areas as antennas, molecular dynamics and integrated circuits. These algorithms are widely recognized for their speed and accuracy; further, Shanker has placed rigorous error bounds on all of his techniques, so that researchers have a measure of how well they may be applied in given situations. Shanker’s research can be applied in a variety of disciplines. In addition to mathematics, researchers use his work to solve a variety of problems in electromagnetics and physics, including scattering from dispersive and lossy bodies, printed circuit board analysis, electromagnetic compatibility, molecular dynamics, surface Plasmon thin films, quantum well infrared detectors, microstrip antenna arrays and micro-bubbles.

Shanker has published more than 300 peer-reviewed papers and conference proceedings and has acted as an associate editor for two of IEEE’s journals: Transactions on Antennas and Propagation and Antennas and Wireless Propa- gation Letters. In recognition of his distinguished contributions to computational methods, Shanker was elevated to Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Shanker invests greatly in his interactions with both graduate and undergraduate students. He has taught 200- to the 900-level classes, has acted as adviser to the student honor society Eta Kappa Nu, and has mentored undergraduates considering Ph.D. programs, helping many of them obtain such national awards as the NSF Graduate Fellowship and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. For his outstanding achievements in educating students both inside and outside the classroom, Shanker was awarded the Withrow Teaching Award in 2007.

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William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awards (formerly the Distinguished Faculty Awards) are made each year to members of the regular faculty, i.e. tenure system faculty and librarians in the continuing appointment system, for outstanding total service to the University. MSU College of Law tenure system faculty, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) faculty and Health Programs (HP) faculty are also eligible for nomination. Each college making nominations for the award has its own detailed criteria and methods for nomination. The nominations are based on teaching; advising; research; publications; art exhibitions; concert performances; committee work; public service including extension, continuing education and work with government agencies; or a combination of these activities. Administrative excellence and length of service may not be used as the sole criteria for nomination. However, nominees usually have at least five years of service at Michigan State University.

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