Sandeep Kulkarni recipient of the Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award


Photo of Sandeep S. KulkarniThe goal of this project is to develop a unified framework for developing fault-tolerant systems; this unified framework will provide the structural continuity to developers of fault-tolerant systems while they perform several tasks such as design, synthesis, testing, verification, and refinement. The unified framework will be based on the use of two fault-tolerance components, namely detectors and correctors. Dr. Kulkarni has identified these two components as being necessary and sufficient for adding fault-tolerance to a rich class of systems. The use of detectors and correctors will permit efficient implementation as the knowledge of application-specification is used in computing the specification of the required components. Also, by permitting the reusability of fault-tolerance components, the framework will help in reducing the development cycle for a system. To simplify the reuse of the fault-tolerance components, Dr. Kulkarni will develop a component-template language to specify templates --which will be instantiated by the developers of fault-tolerant systems-- for commonly used components. Dr. Kulkarni will also develop heuristics to reduce the complexity of automating the addition of fault-tolerance. Finally, these heuristics and the component-templates will be used to develop a tool for automating the addition of fault-tolerance.

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Award Description: 
CAREER: Unified Component-Based Framework for Fault-Tolerance
Computer Science & Engineering