Kalinath Mukherjee - American Society of Metals Fellow

Award Description

Kalinath Mukherjee (Kah-lin-nath Muck-er-gee), a University Distinguished Professor of Materials Science, has received international recognition for his many scientific contributions. Since joining the faculty in 1980, Professor Mukherjee has been an active teacher and researcher studying the impact of high-energy laser interaction on materials. The senior editor of the annual Metallurgy / Materials Education Yearbook since 1976 and the author of more than 250 papers and articles, Professor Mukherjee has always made teaching his focus, mentoring Ph.D. candidates, master's students and postdoctoral students during his tenure. Like so many of our other honorees, Dr. Mukherjee's long, full career reminds us that teaching, research and service at Michigan State are interrelated missions. 

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science