H. R. Lissner Medal


Photo of Roger HautRoger C. Haut, University Distinguished Professor of mechanical engineering and radiology, was awarded the 2016 H. R. Lissner Medal for outstanding achievements in bioengineering; presented by the Bioengineering Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

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Award Description: 
The H.R. Lissner Medal recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of bioengineering. These achievements may be in the form of (1) significant research contributions in bioengineering; (2) development of new methods of measuring in bioengineering; (3) design of new equipment and instrumentation in bioengineering; (4) educational impact in the training of bioengineers; and/or (5) service to the bioengineering community, in general, and to the Bioengineering Division of ASME, in particular. The Bioengineering Division of ASME established the H. R. Lissner Award as a divisional award in 1977. It was upgraded to a society award in 1987, made possible by a donation from Wayne State University and is named in honor of Professor H. R. Lissner of Wayne State University for his pioneering work in biomechanics that began in 1939.
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