Many of today's complicated research problems, where time is of the essence, benefit from numerical modelling and simulations to improve the focus experiments.

GT-SUITE, which contains GT-POWER, is a single software tool for modeling and simulation of systems in automotive and transportation engineering and beyond. It is based on a multi-physics platform, but offers higher-level, added-value toolboxes specifically tailored to a continually broadening set of applications.
Ricardo Wave

WAVE is the market leading engine performance and 1-D gas dynamics simulation software used worldwide in all industry sectors including motor sport, automotive, motorcycle, truck, agricultural, locomotive, marine and power generation. WAVE enables performance simulations to be carried out based on virtually any intake, combustion and exhaust system design, and a new driveline model allows complete vehicle simulations.

The CASE (Cylinder Kit Analysis System for Engines) Analysis System is a computer model which formalizes a structured approach for the analysis and design of pistons, rings, and other cylinder components. It is composed of a library of individual programs which provide results that are useful in designing a cylinder kit component or evaluating the performance of a particular cylinder kit configuration.