Projects // Powertrain Research
Research into internal combustion engines flow-field structure and control, leading to increased efficiency of operation reduced pollution effects. This group provides evaluation of new materials, sensor concepts, and control strategies for internal combustion engines and hybrid vehicles. Propulsion strategies such as fuel cells, dilute homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion, and active flow-control technology are evaluated by this group.
Future efforts in powertrain research include:
Development of new pollutant measurement technology, demonstration of new combustion control concept and evaluation of the health effect risks and/or benefits associated with various emission control and energy conversion devices. Efforts are underway with the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) group to investigate expansion of our cooperative efforts on the development of heavy radioisotopes for wear flow visualization.

Affiliate faculty:
Harold Schock (Director of ARES), Mechanical Engineering
Giles Brereton, Mechanical Engineering
John Foss, Mechanical Engineering
Brage Golding, Physics
John Harkema, Pathology
Greg Swain, Chemistry