Projects // Computational Research
Computational research into efficient and reliable numerical algorithms for understanding the physics of complex flow fields, including their visualization. Many automotive applications, including internal combustion engine in-cylinder flows, cylinder structures, cylinder-kit dynamics, and catalytic converter flow fields, benefit from this technology. A major focus of this group is the development of methods that allow for the use of computational technology in a manner that will be time and cost effective to the automotive industry. This includes applications in under-hood cooling, heat management, fuel cells, thermoelectric devices, and numerous combustion applications.
Affiliate faculty:
Andre Bernard, Mechanical Engineering
Farhad Jaberi, Mechanical Engineering
Z.J. Wang, Mechanical Engineering
Mei Zhuang, Mechanical Engineering
Ronald Averill, Mechanical Engineering
Shankar Balasubramaniam, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Leo Kempel, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Phanikumar Mantha, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Shuguang Li, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Li Xiao, Computer Science