Research Projects
“Activities within the new energy labs will complement research programs taking place elsewhere on campus, at other universities and within industry”
- Satish Udpa, Dean of the School of Engineering, Michigan State University

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The next decade will be critical in the development of this field. Taking into account the difficulty in identifying the 'right' compound and optimizing to ZT > 1, long term sustainable planning is necessary and close collaboration between chemists, physicists and engineers is key to success.
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Flowfield Analysis

Flows in internal combustion engine cylinders are almost always turbulent. Moreover, it is generally believed that, the more turbulent the air motion, the greater the degree of mixing of air and fuel that can be achieved prior to ignition.
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Powertrain research provides evaluation of new materials, sensor concepts, control strategies for internal combustion engines, hybrid vehicles, propulsion strategies such as fuel cells, dilute homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion, and active flow-control technology.
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Major focus of this research is in the development of methods that allow for the use of computational technology in a manner that will be time and cost effective to the automotive industry.
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