Photo of Kevin Corfixsen
Kevin Corfixsen is the recipient of the 2019 Green Apple Teaching Award.

BS 1987 Biology, Central Michigan University

Kevin Corfixsen has been teaching science at Grandville High School for more than 30 years.

He received a BS degree from Central Michigan university in 1987, with a major in biology and a chemistry minor. He joined Grandville High in 1988, teaching freshman physical science and biology for his first two years.

He has taught Honors Chemistry since 1990, and AP Chemistry since 2005. He has also been a mentor teacher at the summer AP Institute offered at Grandville High School for three years.

His students give him consistently high marks for his teaching style. Several even mention how they’ve come to look forward to Mole Day in his class. Those who commented were unanimous is their appraisal that he is a great teacher.

Typical comments include: “He makes great examples to relate to and is helpful and not strict. Does great demonstration labs, that are fun too!”; “He makes Chemistry fun and easy, and he’s always willing to help if you don’t understand something.”; and “he is a great teacher and very helpful in everything he teaches!”

Students also appreciate his humor and approachability, noting: “He really tries hard to make class as fun as possible.”; “always in a good mood”; “As exciting as chemistry can get.”; “he is very nice, and Chemistry is easy with him teaching.”; and “He is enthusiastic about what he does and is such a nice guy, Definitely the best one teaching chemistry.”

Corfixsen’s outreach beyond the classroom includes coaching both boys and girls basketball, and girls golf at Grandville High.

Photo of Kevin Corfixsen (right) and Samuel Daniels at the awards banquet.
Kevin Corfixsen (right) was nominated for the Green Apple Teaching Award by Samuel Daniels (left), a senior majoring in what chemical engineering.

He has been married for 22 years to his wife, Amy, and has three children: sons Chad (a junior at Grand Valley State University) and Jake (a freshman at Western Michigan University); and daughter, Paige (a junior at Grandville High School).

In his spare time, Corfixsen likes to ski in the winter and golf in the summer. The Corfixsen family also enjoys spending summers boating and relaxing at their cottage near Big Rapids.