Departmental Awards and Past Recipients

Applied Engineering Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Holly D. AikensRecipients of this award, established in 2004, must have a distinguished career, evidenced by significant accomplishments; possess high standards of integrity that positively reflect the prestige of the college and the university; be recognized for leadership in the community; and demonstrate support of the applied engineering sciences program, the College of Engineering, and/or MSU. The winner is selected by the applied engineering sciences alumni advisory board.

2021 Holly D. Aikens BS '93 Applied Engineering Sciences
2020 Joseph Podulka BS ’94 Applied Engineering Sciences
2019 David Foulke BS '88 Applied Engineering Sciences
2018 Mitzi M. Montoya
BS '90 Applied Engineering Sciences
PhD '95 Marketing and Statistics
2017 Renee Jennings Collins BS '81 Applied Engineering Sciences
2016 Anthony A. Messina BS '80 Applied Engineering Sciences
2015 Maura Frances McDonald       BS '87 Engineering Arts
2014 Eric Seger BS '94 Applied Engineering Sciences
2013 Randy Shacka BS '04 Applied Engineering Sciences
2012 Michael W. Lamach, Sr. BS '85 Engineering Arts/Applied Engineering Sciences
2011 Daniel McNulty BS '82 Applied Engineering Sciences
2010 Donnie D. Haye BS '81 Engineering Arts/Applied engineering Sciences
2009 Les L. Leone BA '68 Political Science/Public Administration
MA '70 College Student Personnel Administration
PhD '74 Higher Education Administration
2008 Monte L. Falcoff BS '86 Engineering Arts
2007 Stephen J. Trecha BS '80 Engineering Arts
2006 Daniel Brouse BS '84 Engineering Arts
2005 Jane E. Sydloski BS '86 Engineering Arts
2004 Philip L. Fioravante BS '84 Engineering Arts


Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Todd D. ForbushEstablished in 2004, this award is given to an alumnus who has distinguished himself/herself as a leader in the biological/agricultural engineering profession through professional contributions, public service, and personal accomplishments. Alumni who have graduated at least ten years ago with an undergraduate and/or graduate degree are considered.

2021 Todd D. Forbush BS '87 Agricultural Engineering
MS '89 Agricultural Engineering
2020 Dr. Alioune Fall PhD '97 Agricultural Engineering
2019 Scott Piggott BS '88 Biosystems Engineering
MS '10 Biosystems Engineering
2018 Brad Borgman
BS '79 Agricultural Engineering
2017 Larry P. Walker
BS '74 Physics
MS '75, PhD '78 Agricultural Engineering
2016 John W. Larkin PhD '84 Agricultural Engineering; Food Science
2015 Elaine P. Scott PhD '87 Agricultural Engineering
PhD '89 Mechanical Engineering
2014 Cassaundra Edwards BS '94 Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
2013 Kevin Evans BS '87 Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
2012 Stephen B. Richey BS '80, MS '87 Agricultural Engineering
2011 Eugene Ford BS '83, MS '84, Agricultural Engineering
2010 Daniel L. Poland BS '87 Agricultural Engineering
2009 R. Paul Singh PhD '74 Agricultural Engineering
2008 Gary W. Schluckbier BS '72 Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
2007 George H. Wedgworth BS '50 Agricultural Engineering
2006 Robert J. Gustafson PhD '74 Agricultural Engineering
2005 Benson J. Lamp PhD '60 Agricultural Engineering
2004 Bill A. Stout MS '55, PhD '59 Agricultural Engineering

Red Cedar Circle Award in Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Photo of Gary L. HockstraInitiated in 2000, this award recognizes MSU chemical engineering and materials science alumni for their distinguished service to the profession and outstanding commitment to the community. The Red Cedar River, which passes through the center of the MSU campus, is a favorite gathering place. This departmental award is named in recognition of the importance of this landmark to MSU alumni.

2021 Gary L. Hockstra BS '80 Chemical Engineering
2020 Karl J. Puttlitz BS ’65 Metallurgical Engineering
MS ’67 Metallurgical Engineering
PhD ’71 Metallurgy and Material Science
2019 Kathy Fish BS '79 Chemical Engineering
2018 Prabhat Shukla
MS '75 Chemical Engineering
PhD '80 Chemical Engineering
2017 Joe S. Lin MS '77, PhD '81 Chemical Engineering
2016 Bruce E. Anderson BS '68 Metallurgical Engineering
MS '68 Metallurgical Engineering
2015 Craig A. Rogerson BS '79 Chemical Engineering
2014 Dave Lamp BS '80 Chemical Engineering
2013 Morris C. Place, Jr. BS '60 Chemical Engineering

Kim K. de Groh
Thomas Haubenstricker

BS '85, MS '87 Material Sciences
BS '82 Chemical Engineering
2011 Joseph F. Gentile BS '64, MS '66 Chemical Engineering
2010 Carl L. English BS '68 Chemical Engineering
2009 Alton "Rick" Berquist BS '61 Chemical Engineering
2008 Terence K. Kett MS '65, PhD '68 Chemical Engineering
2007 Richard V. Pisarczyk BS '68 Chemical Engineering
2007 William B. Larson BS '53 Metallurgical Engineering
2006 Joon S. Moon BS '60 Chemical Engineering
2005 John Ogren BS '65 Chemical Engineering
2005 John Warren Pridgeon BS '58 Metallurgical Engineering
2004 Herbert Kirby BS '56
2004 George E. Willis (Ted) BS '42
2000 R. William Caldwell BS '38
2000 Edwin J. Crosby BS '50
2000 Michael H. Dennos BS '43
2000 Bernard A. Paulson BS '49
2000 William J. Hargreaves BS '46
2000 John D. Hetchler BS '35
2000 C. Robert Weir BS '42
2000 Wilfred G. Shedd BS '50


Civil and Environmental Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Douglas J. Peters

Recipients of this award, first presented in 2003, must be: graduates of the department; national leaders in their profession; contributors to the department, the college, or the university in some meaningful way; and community leaders whose actions reflect favorably on Michigan State University. Nominations are made by faculty, alumni, and other supporters of the department. The department's professional advisory board selects the winner.

2021 Douglas J. Peters BS '92 Civil Engineering
2020 Stephanie Luster-Teasley MS 2000 Chemical Engineering
PhD 2003 Environmental Engineering
2019 Larry J. Fleis, PE BS '73 Civil Engineering
2018 James Susan
BS '75 Civil Engineering
MS '77 Sanitary Engineering
2017 Thomas Maleck (Tom)
BS '66 Civil Engineering
MSCE '72 Transportation
PhD '80 Statistics, System Science & Economics
2016 Joseph Anthony Sopko Jr. BS '80 MS '83, PhD '90 Civil Engineering
2015 Penny Wirsing BS '83 Civil Engineering
2014 Kin Keung Lai MA '75 Statistics & Probability
PhD '77 Operational Research & Transportation Engineering 
2013 H.E. Dr. Khaled M. R. Abdulghani  MS '79, PhD '82 Civil Engineering
2012 Sandra Woods BS '76 Civil Engineering
2011 Larry E. Tibbits PE, BS '69 Civil Engineering
2010 W. F. Marcuson III MS '64 Civil Engineering
2009 James K. Wight BS '69, MS '70 Civil Engineering
2008 Frank J. DeDecker BS '49 Civil Engineering
2007 Paul H. Woodruff BS '59, MS '61 Civil Engineering
2006 Alton L. Granger BS '54 Civil Engineering
2005 Ben C. Maibach III BS '68 Civil Engineering
2004 Leroy R. Dell P.E., DEE BS '66 Civil Engineering


Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of Patrick J. FlynnEstablished in 2004, this award recognizes an alumnus who has distinguished himself/herself as a leader in the computer science and engineering profession through professional contributions, public service, and personal accomplishments. Nominations are made by faculty, alumni, and other supporters of the department. The winner is selected by the department chairperson and advisory committee.

2021 Patrick J. Flynn BS '85 Electrical Engineering
MS '86 & PhD '90 Computer Science
2020 Marwan Krunz MS ’92 Electrical Engineering
PhD ’95 Electrical Engineering
2019 Farshad Fotouhi PhD '88 Computer Science
Tracy Camp MS '89 Computer Science
Yunhao Liu MS '03, PhD '04 Computer Science
2016 Qian Huang PhD '94 Computer Science
2015 Louise Hemond-Wilson BS '86 Computer Science
2014 Doug Zongker BS '96 Computer Science
2013 Keith Landau BS '82 Computer Science
2012 Deepak Mohan Advani BS '86 Computer Science
2011 Jianchang (JC) Mao PhD '94 Computer Science
2010 Vandy Johnson BS '82 Computer Science
2009 Martha L. Gray BS '78 Computer Science/Systems Science
2008 Moti Kishin Jiandani MS '81 Computer Science
2007 Honda Shing MS '88, PhD '92 Computer Science
2006 James R. Von Ehr II BS '72 Computer Science
2005 Julie Louis-Benaglio BS '79 Computer Science
2004 Kevin J. Ohl BS '78 Computer Science


John D. Ryder Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Award

Photo of James O. FishbeckEstablished in 2004, this award commemorates the outstanding professional contributions of John D. Ryder, former Dean of the College of Engineering and professor in the department. Nominations are made by alumni, faculty, and students. The department's advisory committee selects the award winner in consultation with the chairperson. The award is given on the basis of contributions in furthering the mission of the department - which is to provide undergraduate and graduate education characterized by quality, access, and relevance; and to develop distinctive research programs in electrosciences, systems, and computer engineering, with the promise of sustained excellence as measured in scholarship, external investment, reputation, and impact.

2021 James O. Fishbeck BS '66 Electrical Engineering
2020 Mark Roberts BS '98 Electrical Engineering
2019 Karen Newman BS '82 Electrical Engineering
2018 Darius Adamczyk
BS '88 Electrical Engineering
2017 Raymond R. LaFrey
BS Magna Cum Laude '61
MS '63 Electrical Engineering
2016 Rachel S. Hutter BS ’93 Electrical Engineering
2015 Steven H. Noll BS '74 Electrical Engineering
2014 Fred Killeen BS '82 Electrical Engineering
2013 Timothy A. Adcock BS '85 Electrical Engineering
2012 Asif Naseem MS '80, PhD '84, Electrical Engineering
2011 William M. Seifert BS '71, MS '75 Electrical Engineering
2010 Marvin W. Adams BS '81 Electrical Engineering
2009 Seyed Hossein Mousavinezhad MS '73, PhD '77 Electrical Engineering
2008 Robert W. Leland BS '85 Electrical Engineering
2007 George H. Simmons BS '73, PhD '81 Electrical Engineering
2006 Gregg A. Motter BS '73 Electrical Engineering
MS '80 Systems Engineering
2005 Dr. Brian M. Kent BS '80 Electrical Engineering
2004 David A. Pahl BS '86 Electrical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award

Photo of John R. ThomeEstablished in 2004, this award honors an alumnus of MSU's Department of Mechanical Engineering who has a minimum of 15 years of professional experience in an engineering or engineering-related field; provides leadership in engineering, engineering education, the related sciences, or technical management; contributes to the department, the college, or MSU; and is actively involved in the community. The winner is selected in consultation with the department's advisory committee and board of visitors.

2021 John R. Thome BS '75 Mechanical Engineering
2020 Thomas J. Wielenga BS '78 Mechanical Engineering
2019 Kim Smith BS '96 Mechanical Engineering
2018 Lisa Sparrow
BS '93 Mechanical Engineering
2017 Scott C. Morris
BS '94, MS '97, PhD '02 Mechanical Engineering
MS '01 Applied Mathematics
2016 Dianna Dickie Cody BS ’80 Mechanical Engineering
2015 Dennis C. McLaughlin BS '73 Mechanical Engineering
2014 William F. Resh BS '81, PhD '84 Mechanical Engineering
2013 Randall Stephens BS '85 Mechanical Engineering
2012 Susan Pacheco BS '84 Mechanical Engineering
2011 Thomas P. Gielda BS '80, MS '84 Mechanical Engineering
2010 Pandeli Durbetaki PhD '64 Mechanical Engineering
2009 David L. Joyce BS '78, MS '80 Mechanical Engineering
2008 Daniel J. Inman PhD '80 Mechanical Engineering
2007 Donald B. Paul BS '68 Mechanical Engineering
2006 Patrick M. Miller BS '57 Mathematics
MS '60 Applied Mechanics
PhD '66 Applied Mechanics
2005 Joseph C. Klewicki BS '83 Mechanical Engineering
PhD '89 Mechanical Engineering
2004 Kristin B. Zimmerman BS '87 Mechanical Engineering
MS '90 Mechanical Engineering
PhD '93 Engineering Mechanics

Photo of Lindsay HartleyThe College of Engineering Green Apple Teaching Award

Established in 2006 at the suggestion of College of Engineering Alumni Board member Joseph M. Colucci (BS '58 Mechanical Engineering), the Green Apple Teaching Award honors a K-12 teacher who has inspired students to study math, science, and engineering. The Engineering Undergraduate Studies Office solicits nominations from our graduating seniors; the final winner is decided by the Engineering Undergraduate Studies Committee, which is made up of faculty and students.

2021 Lindsay Hartley BS '99 Applied Engineering Sciences
BS '99 Mechanical Engineering
2020 Meghan Wagner BS 2012 Mathematics (University of Michigan)
MS 2018 Higher Education Student Affairs (Eastern Michigan University)
2019 Kevin Corfixsen BS '87 Biology (Central Michigan University)
2018 Steven Kosmas
BA '94 Chemistry (Albion College)
MAT '00 Education (Wayne State University)
MA '08 School Counseling (Wayne State University)
2017 Fred Reusch
BA '69 (Clarkson University)
MS '70 Industrial Engineering/Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University
2016 Mary Anne Forgach                                  BS ’75, Education, Shippensburg State University (Pennsylvania); MA ’02, Elementary Principalship, Central Michigan University
2015 Janelle M. Orange BS '09 Education, Central Michigan University; MS '12 Education, Western Illinois University
2014 Lewis Martin (Marty) Caves               BS '87 Mathematics, Central Michigan University; MS '98 Physics Education, Eastern Michigan University; MA '07 Teaching, Marygrove College
2013 Louise Paquette BA '69, MAT '78, EdS '82 Michigan State University, mathematics professor at Lansing Community College and coordinator of the 2+2+2 Engineering Program
2012 Robert K. Weiss BS '86, MA '89 Wayne State University
2011 Sharon Grandell BS '98, MS '08 Wayne State University
2010 Franklin Stofflet BS '59, MS '63 University of Wyoming, retired chemistry and physics teacher at Natrona County High School (Casper, WY)
2009 John West BS '72 Western Michigan University, MS '77 Michigan State University, Bay City Central High School
2008 William Finch BS '84 South Dakota State University; Master Teacher Certification '04, Texas A&M University
2007 John W. Plough BA '78, MA '84, Michigan State University, secondary instructor for East Lansing High School in Michigan
2006 Eileen M. Slider BS '75 Central Michigan University, MA '83 Michigan State University, secondary instructor for Webberville Community Schools