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Nanomaterials for biosensing and antimicrobials

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Gold nanoparticles (left); magnetic nanoparticles (right)

Magnified photo of Nano-scale transducers as gold nanoparticlesMagnified photo of Nano-scale transducers as magnetic nanoparticles

 Electrically and magnetically active nanoparticles (left); Polyaniline nanowire (right).

Magnified photo of Electrically and magnetically active nanoparticlesMagnified photo of Polyaniline nanowire



 Polyaniline nanowire bundle (left); Polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite (right).

Magnified photo of a Polyaniline nanowire bundleMagnified photo of Polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite


Biologically-synthesized 20nm gold nanoparticles in solution (left); TEM image of nanoparticles (right).

Photo of biologically-synthesized 20nm gold nanoparticles in solutionMagnified photo of TEM image of nanoparticles