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Innovative Technologies Challenge

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Welcome to the GARD 2022 Global Innovation Challenge!

When: February 25, 2022, 3-6 PM EST

Who: Undergraduate students, graduate students, or professionals from all over the world!

Where: This event will take place virtually as part of the GARD 2022 Virtual Symposium. Links will be sent out after registration.

The GARD 2022 Innovation Challenge will center around collaboration and sharing of ideas between students and professionals around the world. The event will focus on various global challenges. After registration, you will be sent a list of possible challenges and can select the topics that interest you the most or align with your area of expertise. You can submit your own topic ideas too!

Groups and topics will be assigned before the event. During the 3 hours, you will work with your group to develop a unique and innovative solution. After planning, each group will present a 3-minute elevator pitch to a panel of judges identifying the problem, market needs, and solution. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams during the GARD Symposium closing ceremonies.

Important Dates

February 1, 2022: Last day to register for the Symposium and select your interest in the Innovation Challenge. ( *note: Symposium registration will remain open, but you can no longer register for the Innovation Challenge.

February 17, 2022: Last day to complete the preference form indicating your areas of interest. This will be sent out via email after registration closes.

Other links

Download the elevator pitch guide here.

Download the elevator pitch scoring rubric here.

Common Questions

Q: What is the time commitment for the Innovation Challenge?

A: Outside of the three-hour competition time window, your only commitments will be filling out the registration and preference forms before the closing dates. Before the event, you are welcome to do your own research on your topic and communicate with your team members via email if you wish. However, this is not required.


Q: Are there any fees to join the Innovation Challenge?

A: No! The Innovation Challenge is entirely free to enter, along with the rest of the symposium. However, registration is required.


Q: I don’t have a team planned for the Innovation Challenge, is that okay?

A: That is completely fine - most participants do not have a group planned when they register. After registration, you will be sent a preference form to select the topics you are interested in.


Q: I have a great idea for a problem to solve, can I do this for my Innovation Challenge?

A: There is an option on the interest form to add your own idea for the Challenge. If multiple people have similar interests, you can be paired as a group.


For further questions, feel free to contact our Innovation Challenge coordinator at