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Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics (GARD)

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Welcome to the Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics (GARD)!

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners from around the world committed to improving global health by reducing infectious diseases through early diagnosis.

Vision: Prevent illness, save lives, and improve quality of life through rapid diagnostics.

Mission: To develop portable, affordable, and globally deployable nano-enabled biosensor technologies for rapid and early detection of infectious diseases in populations who need these technologies the most but who can afford them the least.

Output: Publications and presentations, joint funding, capacity building (workshops and lectures), student research, and faculty/student training

GARD-related Publications:

In Review:

DNA-based electrochemical nanobiosensor for the detection of Phytophthora palmivora (Butler) Butler, causing black pod rot in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) pods (in review)



Bhusal et al., 2018. Nanoparticle-based Biosensing of Tuberculosis, an Affordable and Practical Alternative to Current Methods

Gordillo et al., 2018. Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Biosensing Assay Quantitatively Enhances Acid-Fast Bacilli Count in Paucibacillary Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Zeeshan et al., 2018. Impedance and Magnetohydrodynamic Measurements for Label Free Detection and Differentiation of E. coli and S. aureus using Magnetic Nanoparticles

Lim et al., 2017. Alocilja Magnetic Nanoparticles Efficiently Capture Escherichia coli O157:H7 Isolates

Contreras et al., 2016. Fabrication of a nanoparticle-based sensor for the detection of dengue virus-3 in Aedes aegypti


News: MSU researcher plays role in reducing TB deaths by 95 percent by 2035

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Members are from the following countries:

The Americas Asia Asia Africa Australia Europe
Colombia China  Thailand South Africa
 Australia  Poland
Ecuador India  Japan  Ghana    
 Mexico Indonesia        
 Peru  Nepal        
 USA  Philippines        
Dominican Republic  Sri Lanka        

If interested in becoming a member, please contact Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja at