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Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics (GARD)

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Welcome to the Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics (GARD)!

We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners from around the world (peer-to-peer network of equals) committed to improving global health by reducing infectious diseases through early diagnosis.

Vision: Prevent illness, save lives, and improve quality of life through rapid diagnostics.

Mission: To develop portable, affordable, accessible, available, and globally deployable nano-enabled biosensor technologies for rapid and early detection of infectious and antimicrobial resistant diseases in populations who need help the most but can afford the least.

Output: Publications and presentations, joint funding, capacity building (workshops and lectures), student research, and faculty/student training, global symposia, global/local strategies

"A dollar or a minute may not solve much, but a pool of dollars or a pool of minutes may be enough to impact someone’s life." Dr. Evangelyn C. Alocilja, Founder, GARD

 "Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed." (Psalm 82:3)

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In partnership with Biosensors (IF 5.519) and Diagnostics (IF 3.706), we are putting two special issues for papers that will be presented at this forum.  For details of the special issues, click here for Biosensors and click here for Diagnostics. 


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Download the flyer for the past 2021 GARD Innovation Forum: Bridging Technologies and Market Needs in English and Spanish.

Download the general program here.

Download the Day 1 Innovation Challenge schedule here.
Download the Day 1 East and Southeast Asia schedule here.
Download the Day 1 Africa schedule here.
Download the Day 1 Latin America schedule in English and in Spanish.
Download the Day 2 East and Southeast Asia schedule here.
Download the Day 2 South Asia schedule here.
Download the Day 2 Americas schedule here.
Pre-recorded talks will be visible during the forum. To find the directory of posters visit here. To find the directory of pre-recorded talks visit here.

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GARD-related Peer-reviewed Journal Publications:


News: MSU researcher plays role in reducing TB deaths by 95 percent by 2035

MSU BAE and MSU Today: GARD Innovation Forum: Bridging Technologies and Market Needs

International Blog: 

GARD was founded by Dr. Evangelyn C. Alocilja in 2016 after seeing the need for affordable and accessible diagnostic technologies in resoure-limited populations.

Members are from the following countries (more to come):


Central America
Dominican Republic


South Africa
Sri Lanka

United Kingdom


 If interested in becoming a member, please contact Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja at