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Welcome to the Nano-Biosensors Lab!

Photo of Evangelyn C. Alocilja


Welcome to the Nano-Biosensors Lab! We exist to protect lives through rapid diagnostics. 

Our goal is to save lives, protect the nation, and sustain the economy by diagnosing infectious and antimicrobial resistant diseases early, rapidly, inexpensively, and simply through point-of-care nanoparticle-based biosensors. Similarly, we protect consumers from falsified products through our pioneering research on blockchain/nano/bio-enabled anti-counterfeiting technologies.


Dr. Evangelyn C. Alocilja is a professor in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Michigan State University. She is the founding program director of the Nano-Biosensors Lab, a member of the US National Acandemy of Inventors, and the founder of the Global Alliance for Rapid Diagnostics, a consortium of scientists around the world committed to improving global health.

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Research News

Specificity, Sensitivity, and Speed: Nanotech in Disease Detection
Dr. Evangelyn Alocilja is finalist for the 2017 Manufacturing Leaders Award
Research Spotlight: Validation of Gold Nanoparticle DNA-based Biosensors
Special Issue: "Biosensors and Diagnostic Assays for Rapid Detection of Global Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance"
Dr. Alocilja received the 2016 Undergraduate Mentor of the Year Award from Michigan State University.