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AES requires a concentration selection that is part of the 120 credits needed to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Engineering.  MSU offers several Undergraduate minors to enhance and supplement degrees. The credit requirement for a minor varies; most are in the 16-21 credit range in addition to degree requirement.  Some minors will allow credits from the BS degree to count for both the minor and major degree; others specify the number of unique credits necessary for the minor.

Minors within the College of Engineering are 

Minor in Materials Science and Engineering

Minor in Computer Science

Minor in Energy

AES is a very broad degree that could be complemented nicely with a minor from The Eli Broad College of Business, College of Natural Science, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, James Madison College, or the College of Social Science.  These minors are:


The Eli Broad College of Business

Minor in Business

Minor in Information Technology

Minor in International Business
Department of Management

       Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation     

Minor in Retail Management (this program is in moratorium effective Summer 2023 through Summer 2026)

Minor in Sports Business Management


College of Natural Science

     Minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Department of Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering

             Minor in Data Science

     Department of Mathematics

Minor in Actuarial Science
Minor in Mathematics


College of Communication Arts and Sciences
     Department of Communication

Minor in Sales Leadership


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Minor in Sustainable Agriculutre and Food Systems


James Madison College
       Minor in Science, Technology, Environment and Public Policy


College of Social Science
   Department of Criminal Justice

Minor in Security Management


A student may choose almost anything to earn a minor in that interests them, such as a foreign language. 

A full list of the Minors at MSU are listed here.