International Experience

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The opportunity to study aboard is a growth experience that all students should try and take advantage of during their college years.  AES focuses our curriculum on engineering globalization and sustainability.  These concepts are reinforced tenfold by experience.  As an AES student, you are highly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.  An international experience will broaden your horizons.

Study Abroad/Education Abroad

About MSU Education Abroad: Michigan State University has led the nation in study abroad participation among public universities for the last six years. MSU has over 275 programs in more than 60 countries in the world. Additionally, there are programs available on all seven continents.

Education Abroad Programs:

  • The College of Engineering offers multiple education abroad opportunties for students to complete their technical coursework, as well as general education course, like IAH. Opportunties are offered in every semester, or over winter break. To learn more about the education abroad opportunities from the College of Engineering, click here.
  • The Eli Broad College of Business offers several programs, as well, that are applicable to AES students. These programs can help AES students complete both their general business requirements, as well as some of their concentration requireements. To learn more about the education abroad opportunities offered by The Eli Broad College of Business, click here.   
  • The School of Packaging offers a study abroad program that would be a great fit for AES students with a packaging concentration, or a supply chain concentration with an interest in logistics. This study abroad is offered every summer and is completed by mid-June, so students are still able to have an internship, if they would like. To learn more about this education abroad program, click here.

Other International Experience

If a semester or two away from campus does not appeal to you, there are student organizations on campus that offer similar opportunities to study abroad.

  • Alternative Spartan Breaks is a student organization that allows students to bring about change in communities both at home and abroad. To learn more about this organization, visit their website at
  • Engineers Without Borders works to implement sustainable engineering designs in developing countires. To learn more about EWB, visit their website at

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